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Does Epoxy Provide the Most Durable Flooring?

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Flooring is an essential interior décor element in any home. In residential properties, flooring borders on looks, but functionality and use resistance are the top things to consider in commercial premises. But is epoxy flooring durable? Many flooring contractors recommend epoxy as one of the most durable flooring types, providing both functionality, class, and style. This article discusses the difference between epoxy coating, custom wood floors, and tiles, as well as why you should consider epoxy if you are looking for the best durable floors.The Dos and Don’ts of Tile Floor Maintenance

Epoxy Floor Vs. Hardwood Vs. Tile Floorings

When selecting the best flooring type, you need to consider several factors. Plus, it also helps to understand the difference between popular flooring options.


Encaustic cement tile floor

Tile flooring is popular for many reasons. For one, it provides durable flooring out the box. Tiles can also help keep a home cool in the summer, due to their ability to repel heat. In addition, tiles are not porous and do not trap dust or fur, which makes them a good choice for people with allergies or pets.

Tile is the best flooring type for the bathroom and the kitchen as it is stylish, easy-to-clean, and water-resistant. However, it can break when you drop a heavy object. The grout also gets stained with time, and that makes it difficult to restore its bright color.

If you are considering tile flooring for your home, always consult with a professional to ensure proper installation.


A classic flooring option, hardwood adds distinct elegance to a room. The popularity of hardwood flooring is no mystery: aside from the classic aesthetics it provides, it is also a durable flooring. Hardwood flooring can be refinished and reused many times, making it a sustainable flooring option. They are also easy to care for, requiring only sweeping and occasional mopping. It’s the perfect choice of floor for the living room or office, and it has the ability to maintain a new look.

When choosing hardwood flooring for your home, typical considerations would include the type of wood, the finish, and the installation method. With so many options available, you can find the perfect hardwood to fit your needs and style. Unfortunately, hardwood is prone to scratches and water damage, and other options like laminate wood pose health risks to home occupants.

Epoxy Floor

Epoxy floor is a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces because it is a durable flooring option that comprises several layers of epoxy coatings applied on the floor to a depth of a few millimeters. Epoxy floors are also easy to clean, slip-resistant, water-resistant, low-maintenance, non-toxic, and long-lasting. These characteristics make this type of flooring ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways.

Epoxy floors can also be customized to suit the specific needs of any space. Most importantly, this type of flooring is generally affordable.

If you are considering epoxy floors for your home or business, consult with a professional to ensure that it is the right choice for your space. With proper installation and care, epoxy floors can provide years of beauty and function.

The texture of the concrete.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring?

There is a reason why many professional floor contractors will advise you to add epoxy to your concrete garage floor. As the years go by, concrete wears out, and epoxy provides the most durable flooring option, which brings us to:

Durability– Once installed, epoxy coat achieves a tough, impact-resistant surface that can withstand anything that may come in contact with it. You need not worry about oil spills, gasoline or stains, because you can easily clean your floor.

Low-maintenance– Floors in high-traffic areas become stained, worn, and littered with tack marks, but that’s not the case with epoxy finishes. The floor has a hard, glossy, and shiny surface, making it easy for you to wipe off dirt and spills.

Hassle-Free Installation– Because the epoxy coating is applied on an existing flooring surface, your floor contractors will spend a short time installing the floor. Besides, they can customize the floor depth to suit your interior design needs.

Tips for Choosing the Best Epoxy Flooring

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Top 3 Technological Advancement for Garages in 2022

Top 3 Technological Advancement for Garages in 2022

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Garage doors are no exception to this rule. It may seem strange at first; maybe you think that your garage couldn’t possibly become that technologically advanced. We promise these trends are becoming more popular every day. Check out our top three technological advancements for garages in 2022.

Smart Garage Door

We’ve seen many of these door types in recent years. Imagine that you and your friends are prepared to pull into their garage. They reach up, tap a button, and their garage door opens on its own. There are even apps that make this possible. Technology is so advanced that you can have the door automatically open the moment you drive up—you don’t even need to press anything. In some cases, you can program your garage to open or close on a schedule, lock or unlock remotely, or give you notifications if someone is trying to get in. The remote garage revolution is in full effect, and you have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy it.

Insulated Garages

We think about insulating our homes but rarely consider insulating our garage doors. But your garage has a door, too, especially if it’s attached to your home. If it’s attached, it will become a point of heat loss during the cold winter months. If it isn’t attached, it will get cold more quickly in winter. Cold weather negatively impacts your car’s performance, so it’s in your best interest to keep it as warm as possible. Insulating your garage is the best way to do that.

Solar Garage Doors

Did you know you that can install a garage door with solar panels? These panels can also store energy throughout the day and recharge your car in the evening. You can use solar energy to charge your electric car, but if that’s too futuristic for you, you can also use it to charge your car’s battery, power your lights, or even power your security cameras. It’s perfect for most of your needs, so don’t immediately dismiss the choice! This is one of the most exciting garage door technologies of all.

In short, garages will only advance further with time. It helps to be on top of the trends so that you can benefit from these advantages and make your life easier. We hope you’ll choose one of these technologies to enjoy for years to come!

5 Ways to Make Your Epoxy Floors Shine Like New

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Installing epoxy adds a unique and elegant appearance to your home’s flooring—thanks to its glossy look. Most homeowners apply epoxy on concrete flooring as a decorative feature. Epoxy is also popular as it is low maintenance and easy to clean. For these reasons, epoxy coating can be applied in different areas of the home. Examples include the porch, garage, basement, and warehouse.

Homeowners who have a strict maintenance schedule have come to enjoy the benefits of having an attractive and shiny epoxy floor. Read on to understand some epoxy floor restoration techniques you can apply to make the floor look as fresh as new.

Protect Your Epoxy Floor from Damage | Precautionary Measures is the Key

Epoxy flooring is formed by applying layers of a mixture of resins and hardeners. These materials are highly resistant to degradation and form a solid adhesive bond with base materials such as concrete. This makes epoxy coating the most robust and durable surface to have on any floor. That is not to say that they are indestructible, work is needed to restore shine to the epoxy floor. There are always protective measures that can be taken to reduce damage and keep a shiny epoxy floor. For instance, it would be best to put soft pads on your bicycle and motorbike stands when parked on an epoxy garage floor. Any furniture with metallic and sharp legs that can potentially ruin its surface integrity should also have footpads.

Epoxy Coating Floor Routine Maintenance Cleaning

A shiny epoxy floor, like any other flooring material, requires routine maintenance to stay looking new and visually appealing. It’s, however, more advantageous because of its long-lasting and low-maintenance qualities. With diligent routine cleaning, you can avoid time-consuming annual epoxy floor restoration projects.

According to professional home renovation contractors, wiping liquids or stains immediately they spill on the floor is very helpful. You can use different cleaning techniques and equipment for cleaning. Using vacuums for epoxy floor cleaning is perfect for removing dust and debris.

Get Rid of Tough Stains

Apart from routine cleaning, some stains, such as engine oil and grease, can damage a perfectly shiny epoxy floor. A lot of care is required when handling oils and other stains of such kind. To remove stubborn stains effectively, find a cleaning product that contains water and ammonia. The solution is powerful enough to act on the stain fast. The secret is to treat the stain once you notice it on the floor. A quick response delivers the best results. In case you are cleaning a larger surface, soak the mop in the water/ammonia solution. You might require more effort on other stains. Even so, the solution should offer peace of mind when it comes to stubborn stains.

Do a Deep Cleaning (Annually or Semi-Annually) to Refresh the Look of the Floor

Installing an epoxy floor gives your home an elegant and glossy appearance. The surface may lose its sparkle due to high foot traffic as the years go by. As such, scheduling for thorough epoxy cleaning once or twice a year can restore your floor’s lost glory. Clean the epoxy with hot water and dry it using a squeegee. That’s enough to keep the shiny epoxy floor looking awesome. If there are still spots left, you should consider purchasing an epoxy cleaning solution or an all-purpose surface cleaner. Dip and wring a soft cloth in the product and rub off the stains by hand. This epoxy floor restoration technique ensures thorough scrubbing, which lifts stains from the surface.

Hire the Professionals

You can never go wrong when you hire professionals to make the epoxy surface shine again. There are knowledgeable professionals who know what to do to maintain a shiny epoxy floor. Reputed contractors are trained and experienced in restoring epoxy paint floors. They invest in state-of-the-art equipment and have the know-how of what product to use on which stain. A crew of expert epoxy specialists provides timely, cost-effective, and quality workmanship to ensure your epoxy gets a brand new look that grabs everyone’s attention.

Epoxy is resilient, long-lasting, and durable. It’s versatile and relatively straightforward to maintain. You can make the floor shine for years through following a simple routine maintenance cleaning schedule, taking precautionary measures to prevent damages, and conducting a thorough cleaning every six months. However, if the epoxy has reached its lifespan and all the shine is permanently gone, it may be time to call professional home remodeling contractors to reapply a brand new coat of epoxy.

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Seamless Epoxy Flooring for Home Remodeling Projects: 5 Key Benefits

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Epoxy flooring is becoming a popular option both for interior and exterior home remodeling projects due to its versatility, durability, and its superior resistance to weight, traffic, stain, moisture, and chemicals. Here are five amazing seamless epoxy flooring ideas for you to consider in 2020 home remodels.

Epoxy based floors are durable, wear resistance, and have a wide array of design options. For these reasons the advantages of epoxy flooring are evident. Epoxy and polished concrete floors are suitable for residential, commercial, and even industrial environments. What’s more, the hardeners and resin compounds that experts use to create this quality floor material seamlessly bond to most surfaces during a home remodeling.

Besides being long-lasting, these quality and upscale flooring options like seamless epoxy flooring are elegant and aesthetically pleasing. They are also environmentally friendly, simple to maintain, and have easy-to-clean qualities. In other words, epoxy floors are the best choice for home renovations due to their flexibility and usability. For residential homes, garages, and commercial buildings, the benefits of epoxy flooring are obvious, and epoxies are increasingly becoming a popular choice due to the aforementioned superior qualities.

1. Install A Decorative Coat with Reflector Enhancing Epoxy Flooring

Give your concrete floor a new life with a reflector enhancer—a unique metallic lustre. This is the trendiest flooring option in 2020 home remodeling projects. It’s a low maintenance epoxy floor option with high resistance to moisture, stain, chemicals, and UV radiation. Like other seamless epoxy flooring finishes, it has a distinctive aesthetic [and allows an excellent gloss finish]. With a wide array of colors to choose—from crystal silver to gold—homeowners can enjoy flawlessly matched home interiors.

2. Personalize Your Exterior Space with Unique Epoxy Floors

These durable floors are versatile and perfect for creating a vibrant multifunctional floor that can brighten your exterior space. You can also bring a natural, minimalistic tone to your outer living space by decorating it with an epoxy floor. Additionally, this seamless epoxy flooring option offers homeowners a chemical-stain-and-moisture resistant floor for heavy traffic.

3. Create A Stunning and Unique Look with Epoxy Floor Where Other Options Are Impractical

Are you planning to create a smooth, classy, and durable floor, but you are on a budget? Worry no more, seamless epoxy flooring offers a luxury and stylish look at a pocket-friendly price point. This wear-resistance floor option won’t damage the existing structure. In fact, it is an excellent long-lasting flooring system for home remodeling projects where heavy stone, slate, or marble may be impractical to install.

4. Spruce Up Your Interior Space with Epoxy Wood Flooring for Realistic Hardwood Effect

Timber looks amazing, but is it not always a practical home remodeling choice. This can be due to several factors, such as affordability and the design (construction) of your home. Luckily, seamless epoxy flooring provides exceptionally high performance and quality floor with realistic hardwood visuals. This option offers distinct advantages such as resistance to moisture, chemicals, and stains—with added durability and foot traffic endurance.

5. Try out the Epoxy Floors with Glimmering Color Contrastive Flakes

Ready to try out a speckled mosaic appearance with a slip-proof floor that brings about a stunning and unique color splash? Let professional home remodeling contractors install custom seamless epoxy flooring. Made when multicolored pieces of flakes are placed in the epoxy, these seamless multicolored hued surfaces are excellent options for both interior and exterior flooring purposes.

Connecting You with Topnotch Epoxy Contractors You Can Trust

Seasoned contractors at HelloProject have years of experience installing decorative and durable floors in different home remodeling projects. Whether it’s installing seamless epoxy flooring for your garage, kitchen, hallway, pool decks, bedrooms, patios, etc. our epoxy floor options are long-lasting, splashy with a luxury and upscale look—and can be customized for almost any surface without sacrificing the floor functionality. To join thousands of satisfied homeowners, call us at 800-900-7875 and realize why HelloProject is your ideal company for your concrete flooring needs.

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Eco-Friendly Additions To Add to Your Home

Eco-Friendly Additions To Add to Your Home

After spending around a year and a half mostly confined to their houses, it’s no surprise that many homeowners want to make improvements or changes to their homes. Some people want to spruce up their daily views. Others want to work on those projects that they haven’t had time to start. In light of this, we present some eco-friendly additions to add to your home. These will have a positive impact on the environment and improve your home’s look. Once you learn about them, you can decide on what projects to undertake.

Reclaimed Materials

Even when tackling major home renovations, there are still plenty of opportunities to recycle. Using reclaimed materials in your home’s improvements lessens the number of materials and resources that end up in a junkyard. It also gives your home a unique look that can only come with reclaimed materials. For example, barn wood flooring from old and abandoned barns grants your home a beautiful rustic look that you can’t replicate in any other way.

Many reclaimed materials are also cheaper than newer ones since other people previously used them. This is great for homeowners working within a budget who still want something that stands out and is high quality.

Energy Efficiency

As technology advances, the amount of energy and resources people use can potentially decrease as appliances and systems become more efficient. This is crucial to keep in mind when considering your home’s appliances. If your home has electrical devices that are old and outdated, it’s a good idea to update them. Older appliances waste lots of energy, and by simply replacing them with more modern alternatives, you’ll see the difference in your energy bill as costs drop significantly.

Replacing the lightbulbs in your home with LEDs is a smaller change you can make that will have a similar effect. LED lights use up very little energy and barely produce any heat. As a result, it’s sensible to utilize them instead of incandescent bulbs.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are also eco-friendly additions to add to your home. Making a move to renewable sources of energy is never a bad idea. This is because adding solar panels to your property actively increases the value of your home. You’ll save more energy and money by utilizing solar power. You’ll also become part of a movement to decrease the use of fossil fuels because they cause damage to the environment.

6 Bathroom Remodeling Tips: Professional Insights

bathroom remodel

A sense of dignity, class, and luxury starts in the bathroom. Its state, whether awful or top-notch, is a reflection of your status, shame, or pride. A look at the sink, the tub, flooring, and lighting can tell your visitor a whole lot about you. But we are aware remodeling and renovating a bathroom is a daunting process. You have to factor in the budget, space, and rigidity of the structure already in place. You need a bathroom remodeling expert to attend to your bathroom improvements. Here are 6 bathroom remodeling tips that will help you have your dream bathroom.

#1. Find A Professional Contractor

Changing the entire face of a bathroom is a walk of no return. Working with an amateur is out of the question. You have to work with a professional remodeler. This is because pros will review the space available, propose a new design and model, ways to save, and provide expert advice on the areas that cannot change. The contractor will assess the input required in the areas of plumbing, tiling, and electrical fitting. They will provide a budget estimate and reveal the practicability of your project. You will work with a clear contract and have an open channel of communication.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips #2: Develop The Layout and The Floor Plan

This will give you a vivid impression of the final outlook of your bathroom. Think of the basics on one aspect and the secondary additions that you can do without. This is the ultimate hack for space management. Think about the toilet seat, the sink, the bathtub, and the showerhead. The remodeler will recommend the haves and the have not based on the rigidity of the floor plan.

#3. Ensure Proper Plumbing and Sound Electrical System

The state of your bathroom drainage can affect your attempts to be neat and your overall hygiene. A smelly and clogged shower drain is the last thing you want in your bathroom. The bathroom remolding tip here is to work closely with your remodeler to ensure plumbing is perfect around the tub, the sink, the toilet seat, and the drain pipes. The contractor has to safely fit the proper electrical outlets, including switches, light fixtures, and vent fan.

#4; Shower or Bathtub Decisions

This is a primary need for a bathroom. You will either choose a shower or a bathtub or a combination of both if space allows. If you select both, you will have to make a compromise on what to forego. For the best bathroom remodeling tips, seek the advice of a seasoned pro. A professional contractor will provide advice on the most appropriate decision to make.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips #5: Don’t Compromise On Bathroom Flooring

The bathroom is a wet location. You have to strike a balance between attractiveness and water resistance. Your flooring option must be waterproof, resilient, and safe to walk on when your feet are wet. Ceramic and porcelain tile can serve you well in this area.

#6. Storage

You have to factor in the towel racks, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, and laundry baskets. The best bathroom remodeling tips when it comes to storage is to plan ahead for a counter, a cabinet, and hooks to hold items while in the bathroom. Linen cabinets, bathroom shelves, and medicine cabinets will give your bathroom a decent look. Your contractor will propose a model that will accommodate your preferences.

Are You Looking to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Now that you have the above 6 bathroom remodeling tips and know the key areas to worry about before remodeling your bathroom, we can match you with accredited bathroom remodeling experts near you. These professional contractors will walk you through the entire process and help you renovate your bathroom. Call us at 800.900.7875 today to get started.

5 Hardwood Flooring Myths: Get the Facts from Our Experts

5 Hardwood Flooring Myths: Get the Facts from Our Experts

Your flooring choice is a critical decision, particularly if you are thinking in the line of the budget, redesigning, functionality, and maintenance. You may also be worried about the challenges that come with in-depth planning and building stages. If street experts are feeding you with horror stories about hardwood floors, we are here to debunk the most common hardwood flooring myths. With insights from flooring remodeling experts, we have put together five myths and have provided the ultimate truth to set you free.

Hardwood Flooring Myth #1: Hardwood Flooring Is Super Expensive

Truth: Like any other flooring choice, hardwood flooring attracts a given initial cost. The cost is relatively higher than some of the other flooring options, but the long-term benefits are worth every penny. It will last for over a century if you get the best flooring material and still guarantee a high resale value. Working with a trusted flooring professional will double the benefits. They will provide proper installation and pull the ideal finishing.

FlooringMyth #2: This Type of Flooring Needs High Maintenance

Truth: All flooring options require maintenance, but with wooden floor, refinishing and refurbing only needs to be done every 7-10 years. You only need to engage in daily and weekly maintenance, just like other floor options. Clean spills immediately with the help of a hardwood floor cleaner and keep humidity and moisture levels down while cleaning. Vacuuming the floor weekly will keep it free from dust and solid dirt. You can also add furniture pads to the legs of your furniture to keep the floor safe from scratches.

Hardwood Flooring Myths #3: Kids and Pets Will Ruin this Kind of Floor Quick

Truth: The majority of flooring options are not damage-proof. Kids and pets can tear and wear away anything. Be it wood, concrete, tiles, or carpets. You have to go the extra mile to protect them. You have to keep pets’ nails trimmed and provide a play mat for your kids. If the worst happens, it’s not the wood that suffers the damage but the upper coat and finishing. A professional remodeler can fix this by light sanding and reapplying a finishing coat.

hardwood flooring mythMyth #4: Hardwood Is Not Ideal for A Kitchen Floor

Truth: Wood is a poor choice for wet locations, but a hardwood flooring professional can suggest the right wood quality and a water-resistant topcoat. The finishing can reduce water damage and still create an attractive surface and increase home value. You can minimize water spillage by observing the efficient use of your sink. You can place a rug in front of the sink to catch drips.

Myths #5: Hardwood Flooring Can Compromise the Resale Value of Your House

Truth: Homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell and fetch better prices than houses with other flooring options. Flooring trends suggest that homeowners prefer hardwood flooring as alternatives as carpets harbors dirt and bacteria and need replacement every few years. If you adopt hardwood flooring and work with trusted flooring remodeling experts, your house will increase in value.

Flooring materialAre You Looking for Hardwood Flooring Installation?

Now that you know that hardwood flooring is affordable, maintainable, durable, and attracts a high resale value, you can make an informed decision for your home. We can match you with home improvement professionals and flooring remodeling experts to help you improve your home with hardwood floors. Call us helloprojectusa at 800.900.7875 or fill our online contact form today to get started.

What Are The 5 Most Popular Kitchen Layout in 2021

The kitchen is the powerhouse for any family. It’s the center of nourishment and good health. If you “eat to live,” then, it goes without saying, you live to cook. As such, you don’t want a cluttered and chaotic kitchen. Your kitchen cannot be your little awkward secret. Firstly, this where you do your food prep, try new recipes, cook, and store food. Secondly, your cooking equipment is also there. Not to mention it’s a place that aims to family together for stories and authentic food experience. For this reasoson, you need a perfect kitchen layout and the right kitchen remodeling experts. Here are the most functional kitchen layouts that match your home improvements needs in 2021. 

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

If you are looking for a kitchn design that brings about balance and symmetry, a U-shaped layout will meet your needs. This kitchen design creates a work triangle that allows smooth workflow between the major elements of the kitchen. You will work with a three-walled layout with flawless access to the sink, refrigerator, and cooking equipment. This kitchen layout creates the most counter space as you have room to exploit the space available. You can fit cabinets and shelves that will handle your crockery and dinnerware. 

L-Shaped Kitchens

This kitchen design is among the 2021 kitchen trends and offers an efficient work area and an option to have a door that leads to a nearby room. You can easily keep in touch with your guests with that the door open. The design works with two adjacent walls that form an L-shape. Its constructed to host cabinetry, the sink, countertop, storage, and major appliances. You also get room to have a kitchen island depending on the available space. The majority of kitchen remodeling experts tend to provide multiple suggestions for the most ideal décor for your kitchen.

Kitchen layoutGalley Kitchen Design

This is one of the leading kitchen trends where homeowners have limited space and hence managing and improvising a narrow space between two walls becomes a necessity. You don’t have to give up if there is a space management issue in your house. The layout creates two workstations with one side hosting the cooking and kitchen appliances while the other side hosts the meal prepping features and the sink. 

Peninsula Kitchen Layout

This is another space-hack model that creates room for an island attached to a wall if there is no space for a detached island. It attains the look of a modified L-shaped layout or U-shaped layout. Attaching the island to the wall creates a distinctive sense of separate spaces from the adjacent dining room or living room area. The peninsula design creates an extra surface for cabinets, racks, and drawers. Additionally, you can also use the peninsula countertop for food prep, dining, and holding containers.

kitchenOne-wall kitchen Layout & Design

This is one of the trendy kitchen ideas among homeowners due to its simplicity. As such, it is structured to accomplish the basics without taking way too much space in the house. All the basic components of a kitchen are arranged on one wall. There is a one-dimensional transit as you have access to cooking appliances, refrigerator, sink, countertops, and cabinets. Your work service is arrayed on one wall. The overall input is cost-friendly as you accomplish all your kitchen needs.

This ultimate guide shows you the five most popular kitchen layouts in 2021. Need professional kitchen remodeling experts? Call HelloProjectusa at 800.900.7875 or fill our online contact form today for a certified and trusted expert. We will find for you the best kitchen designer that matches all your needs.

Start Your Home Improvement Business in 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to starting a home Improvement business, coming up with a successful plan can sometimes be a daunting task. Ensuring you launch your home-improvement business with the know-how, wisdom, and effectiveness of a veteran company may take some doing. However, it is still possible with a little bit of elbow grease and a lot of hard work.

Check out these 4 important steps you should never miss out when starting a home improvement project!

Make Some Home Improvement Business Decisions

First, you will need to determine several things about your company. Consider the following questions:

  • Where are your strengths? Which services do you want your business to offer?
  • What will you call your company?
  • What structure will it have? How will you be taxed?
  • Do you need funding beyond what you can provide yourself?
Photo by Anamul Rezwan from Pixels

Photo by Anamul Rezwan from Pixels

Get Some Startup Capital for your Home Improvement Business

No matter the type of home Improvement business you start, you are going to need some sort of funding. You need to set up a shop, and that means creating a startup fund. Consequently, the first question here could be to determine how much funding you need—and if you have answered the above questions, that will help.

From there, you have several options:

  • Accept seed money from friends and family
  • Fund your business out of your pocket
  • Apply for loans and grants

Whichever you choose, make sure the amount you go for will cover your startup costs. If you decide to apply for grants or loans, you will need to know the business structure and have a strategy in place for your company (to show that you are low-risk and responsible).

Get Your Name Out There

Your home improvement business needs leads and customers, but where do you find them? The answer is marketing and branding, with a little customer service thrown in. Putting your business on the map is a big undertaking, but at the very minimum, you need to have a website and social media presence. This way, you can list your company in local ads thus have an informative place to point potential customers for more information about your services.

For instance, you choose to focus your home improvement business on how to remodel a kitchen. Your potential customers are going to search for a specific phrase on the internet (“kitchen remodeling” or “paint my cabinets”), and you want your business to appear in places like contracting websites and lists that focus on that kind of work. One way to ensure this is to list your company on local boards and place ads with other businesses in your area. Create local listings, optimize your SEO, and get your company in front of the keen eyes of the public with social media marketing techniques. All of these things will help you grow your name and improve foot traffic, both digital and physical, and help the community know where to find quality remodeling contractors.

Give Back and Get Recognition

As a local home improvement business, your company provides an invaluable service to the folks in your area. But that’s not the only way your business can help the local community. Joining your local chamber of commerce, volunteering in the area, and sponsoring community events are all ways you can improve your relationship with the folks in your neighborhood. Good relationships mean more goodwill toward you and your company—and more goodwill means more customers.

Are you looking for kitchen or bathroom remodeling services? Look no further than HelloProjectUSA. You can find the quality contractors you need for whatever services you require. Get in touch with any questions at HelloProjectUSA.

Four Reasons Why You Need to Renovate Your Kitchen Now

Like in many homes, your kitchen is probably the room that hosts the most activities. Besides the usual cooking and eating, a lot goes on here, including sharing hearty stories and even making serious life decisions. However, if your kitchen is not inviting, you might not be able to enjoy spending your time there. Take, for example, your kitchen has been around for too long. The cabinets, countertops and fittings such as the sinks may be old and ugly due to normal wear and tear. To restore your kitchen’s charm, you need to renovate your kitchen and HelloProject is ready to connect you to a professional near you. Our kitchen remodelers will turn your kitchen into a stylish, functional, and visually appealing space. 

kitchen renovation4 Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen

To Enhance Your Kitchen’s Functionality and Convenience

You should plan to upgrade your kitchen if you want to create more space for your family’s growing needs. As your family grows, your household needs also change proportionately. For example, you might need more storage, a larger cabinet and seating space, a bigger refrigerator, or more burner options. Perhaps you live with your elderly or ailing parents who are prone to losing balance and slipping. It is important that you renovate your kitchen by incorporating some grabs to support them. Also, homeowners whose children have just started crawling may need to install higher cabinets to store medicine and some dangerous appliances. 

Renovate Your Kitchen to Improve Your Home’s Value

A beautiful, newly remodeled kitchen adds significant value to your home, enhancing its marketability. It is also more appealing to a home buyer than a dull, outdated, and boring space. In fact, most homeowners list their freshly transformed kitchen as the feature that attracts quick and optimum sales. 

To Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances and Fixtures

Maybe you prefer quartz countertops to linoleum ones. Or perhaps you have noticed several cracks on the cabinets, and peeling wall paints. You may also be stuck with numerous outdated appliances which do not encourage gourmet cooking or morning family conversations. Choosing to renovate your kitchen will go a long way in solving these inconveniences. The renovation might include replacing the outdated or worn-out fixtures with new, quality, and functional models. Your kitchen remodeling contractor will guide you through the numerous options at your disposal and even help you make an informed decision. 

kitchen renovationEnhance Your Homes Energy Efficiency

If you have been looking for ways to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, the kitchen might be the best place to start. Most homeowners are turning to energy-efficient appliances for their kitchens to help save on their utility bills. Some of these include modern microwaves, energy-saving refrigerators, dishwashers, slow cookers, and fan-forced ovens with great insulation. Besides, renovating your kitchen will help you create more space for these appliances.

A renovation is integral in keeping your kitchen functional and stylish. At HelloProjectusa, our primary goal is to help you renovate your kitchen smoothly, quickly, and in the most convenient way. You only need to call us at 800.900.7875 or fill our web form with details about what you need done. We will connect you with the best kitchen remodeling contractors in the industry, who will guarantee you nothing short of quality services.