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Often, homeowners focus much on improving the living room, hallways, walls, and metallic wall art as part of their home improvement plans. The bathroom, being a hidden space, is typically left out of the makeover project. Times have changed. Householders want elegant and durable bathrooms with trendy, smart technologies, and sophisticated elements. If you are thinking of upgrading your bathroom, here are some innovative products that improve the theme and character of your modern bathroom.

Cadet Suite Bath Tub for Elegant and Durable Bathroom Innovations

When you enter most bathrooms in many residential properties, you’ll notice that most have lateral support that connects to the walls. Why not add a stand-alone style to your bathroom by adding a free-standing bathtub from Cadet Suite? The tub provides versatility as it integrally blends with any decor, whether classic or modern contemporary. They come in different styles that include modern, organic, and the typical claw feet design. Unlike outdoor Jacuzzis and sunken garden tubs, free-standing soaking tubs provides a deep, quiet and rejuvenating soak.


Native Trails Handcrafted Copper Sinks

Are you tired of your plain, white-interior bathroom? Adding handcrafted copper sinks can rev up your bathroom’s character with a tinge of uniqueness and elegance. Each functional piece of art is made of eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed wood, bamboo, and recycled copper. This lavatory sink comes in a minimalistic design. It also bears tremendous visual appeal. The sink is made of recycled copper and hand-hammered to give it a neat and clean human touch. Researchers have proven that copper is safe for use, as it kills disease-causing germs on contact.

Moroccan-Inspired Tiles for 2020 Bathroom Innovations

Many people all over the world prefer using tiles for their home renovation projects. While they come in all sorts of textures, colors, and shapes, Moroccan-inspired tiles have particularly become more popular in recent years. They feature intricate geometrical shapes, color pallets, and patterns that flavor your bath with an eye-catching Moroccan landscape. Besides, they make excellent options for the floor and walls.

Luxury Spa Showerhead for New Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Experience a spa-like shower in a standard bathroom by adding a durable, stylish, and sophisticated showerhead from some top-notch companies. Designed by top engineers using high-quality material, a luxury showerhead offers a unique element with a flat, broad base that features aeration technology that sucks in air and pumps it into the water. As a result, it releases a waterfall that feels like a rejuvenating rainfall; well-controlled to reduce your water bills. The product comes in an attractive chrome finish that potently blends with a wide range of interior décor.

Nightlight Toilet 2020 Bathroom Innovations

Some plumbing companies seem to have a foothold in the home improvement industry, providing some innovative lavatory products. Under this line of Cachet and Revealed toilets, you’ll relish their nighttime toilets. The better part, this toilets feature subtle LED lighting inside the toilet bowl, which offers soft illumination during the night. The lightings helps children, seniors, and other occupants on a nighttime bathroom break. The seat uses four AA batteries to exude a low-profile character for up to six months. Budget-conscious consumers love them as they offer an energy-efficient solution. That said, to have them installed right the first time, you need the help of professional bathroom contractors.




Wrapping Up

The bath is the first room you use when you wake up and come back from your daily routines. For this reason, homebuyers are growing more interested in the style and character of the bathroom before making a purchase. Having the knack to choose the best innovative products for your bathroom renovation enables property owners to create elegant and durable bathrooms. For more information, contact seasoned bathroom remodeling contractors at HelloProject.