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For most of us, the bathroom is not only where we start and end the day. It is also a safe space to relax, unwind and find solace from the day’s chaos. But think about it-what is the condition of your special room? Is it serving you right, or do you think it might be time to contact a bathroom remodeling expert? From floating vanities to quartz counterparts and other luxurious fittings, 2021 brings along stylish designs, bathroom floors, and great bathroom remodel ideas. Whether you aim to give your bathroom a partial remodel or a major facelift, here are some trendy bathroom ideas you should try out.

2021 Bathroom Remodel Ideas | Black is Bold and Beautiful

Here one of the most trending bathroom remodel ideas for 2021. Of course, grey has been the default color for most bathrooms in the past remodeling projects. This year, however, we are going for bolder yet unique colors and darker styles in general. Suffice to say, dark-themed bathroom remodeling ideas are mostly employed in light fixtures, mirrors, and other bathroom fixtures.

2021 bathroom remodel ideaThe Future is Now-Smart Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Smart bathrooms have been on the rise, especially in countries in the west. The high-tech toilets boast such features as automatic lead openers, in-build deodorizers, and seat warmers, to mention a few. If you are excited by such types of particularly trendy bathroom ideas, here is some good news for you. The 2021 bathrooms boast cutting-edge technology incorporating features such as automated sinks, smart showers, and amazing mini-fridges.

No More Clutter-Compact Storage Spaces

Crammed and cluttered cabinets can be so off-turning. If you are a victim, these 2021 bathroom remodel ideas will help you reclaim your space and achieve a well-organized look. Compact storage spaces, including cabinets and shelves, are some of the trending bathroom remodel ideas for 2021. They assume an innovative design aimed to promote the ultimate minimalism mood in your relaxation sanctuary. There are numerous innovative bathroom remodel ideas, such as hidden cabinets and other contemporary shelving designs. They will help you de-clutter your space for an open, relaxed, and organized feel.

Bathroom remodel ideas for 2021Pop in Some Color

Bathrooms are no longer confined to the clinical white or grey colors. As a matter of fact, bathrooms in 2021 come in numerous bold, elegant, and unique color blends aimed to set specific moods. You only have to find reliable bathroom remodeling experts who will help you explore the options for a perfect choice. For instance, the color green articulates natures healing power and general wellness in your sanctuary. Other colors such as blue enhance your intellectual capacity and creative levels.

Asymmetrical Mirrors

Asymmetrical mirrors have won the hearts of most homeowners and are now some of the top trending bathroom remodel ideas for 2021. Like all other bathroom amenities, mirrors are also becoming smarter, boasting incredible features, including smart touch abilities, USB charging ports, and optimum lighting. What’s more, there is an array of professional bathroom remodeling experts at your disposal. They will help you explore some of the most stylish mirror shapes and innovative designs that are perfect for your bathrooms.

Quartz Countertops | 2021 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Here is one of the best countertop materials for your bathroom remodeling project. Besides an incredibly sleek profile, quartz material is super hard and resistant to stains and scratches, making it overly easy to maintain. There is still a great need to maintain the highest hygiene standards in order to flatten the curve. It is no surprise the easy to clean quartz countertops are among the most trending bathroom remodel ideas for 2021.

Get Comfortable-Big Bathtubs

Let’s be honest; the coronavirus pandemic crisis increased the need for a safe haven and hideout. Think of your bathroom as a place where you can kick back, rest, and wrap yourself in comfort and serenity. In fact, most of the 2021-bathroom remodel ideas are tailored towards creating a spa environment coupled with a subtle sense of luxury. Soaking tubs create a cocooning mood where you can pause enjoy the warm relaxing water.

Everybody longs for a calm, serene yet luxurious bathroom where they can relax and enjoy tranquil moments without distraction. Thankfully, these bathroom remodel ideas will help you achieve that and much more. Do you need professional bathroom remodeling experts to help you transform your special space? Contact HelloProjectusa and let us connect you with a partner you can rely on.