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The bathroom is always one of the places where you’ll begin and end your days. It’s also where you’re often most vulnerable as you prepare yourself for the day and practice good hygiene. For that reason, you shouldn’t neglect your bathroom, and there is no shame in creating a “dream bathroom.” Here are some tips to consider when designing a bathroom if you plan to remodel yours.

Start With the Layout

Before you get ahead of yourself and begin imagining the aesthetics of your bathroom, you need to consider how the utilities of your bathroom, such as the toilet or sinks, will fit into the space you have. This will not only be key in making an appealing bathroom, but it will ensure it’s much more functional. Consider things like your lifestyle. Do you need a bathtub, or do you only use a shower? What do the plumbing and electrical systems look like? These considerations will be necessary for you to use your budget as efficiently as possible and ensure you have the money you need for the comforts and creative designs you want.

Lighting Is Key

A great tip to consider when designing a bathroom is to keep your lighting situation in mind. How much natural lighting does the bathroom get? What types of electrical lights will be best in the bathroom? Tuning your lighting to fit your preferences will make your bathroom much more comfortable. To maximize natural lighting, you’ll want to use light colors and reflective tiles to spread the light throughout the room. For evenings, adjustable lighting might be preferable so that you don’t feel blinded in the middle of the night. They can also help you get in the right headspace for bed without assaulting your eyes with an overabundance of light.

Pick Out Tiles

Tile is a must for bathrooms, so you should plan accordingly to include it in your design. Your floors and shower will, at the very least, use tiles because of their waterproof quality. The tiles’ surface is non-porous, meaning water can’t get into the tile and potentially ruin the walls. This non-porous surface also makes them incredibly easy to clean since you can wipe them off easily. If you need help figuring out how to use tiles to design your bathroom effectively, consider some recent bathroom tile trends to inspire you.