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Whether you are remodeling your basement for the first time or simply updating it, it is important that you choose the right contractor. Here are a few factors to help you choose between a general contractor and a basement expert.

Experience in Basement Remodeling

A general contractor will conveniently deal with low ceilings, heating ducts, storage tanks and other general home renovation challenges. However, a basement expert is vastly experienced and skilled to deal with all types of basement remodeling challenges.  Besides, We will connect you with basement experts who are familiar with the local building codes, regulations, standards and practices that might not be familiar to a general contractor. That said, you can trust a basement expert to breathe a new life to your old basement.

Proper Materials For Your Basement Remodel Project

Your basement remodeling project requires building materials that are different from the rest of the house. It also requires special permit before making major changes—different states have different regulations.  Your general contractor will install walls, ceilings and floor carpets, just like in any other room in the house. Unfortunately, this translates to a basement with sagging ceilings and crumbling drywall in the long run.

When a general contractor installs a carpet on your wooden basement floor, they take 3-4 of headroom from your space. Even worse, wood planks tend to collect moisture leaking from the ground when laid directly on the floor. The moisture builds up leading to wood rooting, swelling and smelling. It eventually spreads to your carpet, ruining it.

Luckily, basement experts have critical basement finishing experience and can prepare the best solution for your basement remodel.  They employ stylish, yet completely inorganic, well-insulated materials with the best warranties for homeowners. As such, you can rest assured of an incredibly beautiful basement that will remain attractive for years to come.

Convenience and Reliability

According to home remodeling experts, you should be ready for a 10 per cent cost overrun if you hire a general contractor. In most cases, they will set a tight schedule for their basement remodel jobs. If they fail to complete the task within the estimated time, they will need to complete it later. As a result, chances of  dealing with an incomplete basement remodel project are very high. In worst-case scenarios, general contractors might fail to show up should you need some repairs and improvements on the job.

If you are looking for contractors for your basement renovation, you should go for reliable and professional basement experts. This way, your remodeling project will be quick, quality, reliable, cost-efficient, and well managed. Besides, a basement expert will not only work to professionally managing a basement remodel project but they will also complete your remodeling project in time. They will also pay attention to safety procedures, especially for the projects that need intensive structural and electrical works.

We Will Match You with The Best Basement Remodeling Contractors Near You

If it is finally time to remodel your basement, HelloProject is here to make the process as smooth as possible. For years now, we have remained unchallenged in matching homeowners with professional, authentic and unique basement remodel contractors. We will connect you with licensed and insured professional contractors with years of experience in handling all types and sizes of basement projects. They also understand the dos and don’ts of basement remodeling projects. As such, you can trust them to handle your project in line with the construction standards and your specifications.

Let’s get your basement remodel project done right. Contact us today and let us match you with the best basement contractor who will transform your basement to an incredibly appealing space.