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Summertime sparks lots of positive feelings in many people. Most Americans confess to having their best time during this season thanks to the warm weather. On the flip side, many people complain of more sleepless nights. There are many reasons to why some people find it difficult to sleep during summer and HVAC issues are some of them.

HVACBelow are four of the HVAC issues that can directly affect the quality and quantity of your sleep during summer. 

HVAC Issues Caused by Dirty Filters

HVAC experts recommend that you replace your filters regularly to extend the lifespan of various HVAC’s components and improve its efficiency. A dirty filter restricts airflow. It also causes the furnace to overheat and shut off on a high limit. Dirty filters often blow warm air, which means an increased temperature in your bedroom, making it difficult to sleep. Besides the sweats, dirty filters can cause you to suffer more allergy attacks. Dirty filters accumulate pollutants which are then blown out and circulated in the air throughout your home. Increased allergy attacks are likely to keep you awake.

Weird Furnace Noises

You need a quiet room for a longer, and quality sleep and unusual furnace noises can hinder you. Furnace noises are among HVAC issues that usually originate from the motor—when the bearings on an induce motor or blower motor fail, you are likely to hear a whining or squealing sound. The other noises may be a result of airflow issues or dirty burners. An experienced HVAC technician can help replace your motor or fix the noise sources for you to continue enjoying your summer nights.

Thermostat Malfunctions

HVAC ThermostatYour thermostat is what controls when your HVAC system operates. If it does not relay the correct message, you are likely to have HVAC issues that can make sleeping during summer difficult or uncomfortable. A thermostat that is positioned in direct sunlight or close to other heat sources, for example, will give a false reading on the room temperature. An old thermostat or one covered with slime might also fail to gauge the temperature of the air in your home correctly. Such thermostat issues lead to poor temperature control. You do not want your HVAC system blowing you warm air when you are already soaking your beddings with sweat. 

HVAC Issues Due To Mechanical Wear and Tear

Your HVAC system comprises several mechanical components such as the belts for your ac unit and the bearings in your blower. Over time, these components wear out. The wear and tear of these parts can restrict the flow of air, results to increased humidity level and cause loud noises. As such scheduling routine maintenance for your HVAC system can help keep such wear and tear at a minimum.

Home AcAs you plan your summer activities, do not forget to have your HVAC issues resolved by an HVAC expert on time. After a day of fun and exciting outdoor activities, you need a good night’s sleep. Any trouble with your HVAC system can ruin it. Besides the good rest that comes with cool temperatures, your HVAC system is expensive. As such, it is important that you protect your investment. Is your HVAC the cause of your sleep troubles?  We are here to connect you to the most trusted HVAC technician. Call HelloProjectusa today at 800.900.7875 to experience the difference!