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Are you among the group of people who thinks that the only time to upgrade their house is when they are planning to sell it? This has to stop today. Don’t be the last-minute person. Renovating your home does not only improve its appearance but also its intrinsic value. While real estate is still in a slump, a few tweaks here and there can give you a competing edge in this competitive market when selling your house.

With that in mind, here are areas that you should pay attention to when upgrading your home to increase its value.

1. The Kitchen is Crucial

This room is the heart of your home and it is among the first place that potential buyers and valuation surveyors will always inspect. Research conducted by HGTV indicated that remodeling a kitchen increases the ROI of the property in question by between 60%-120%. That’s why you should consider giving this room a makeover regularly by:

  • Repainting– Adding colors is amongst the best way to spruce up your kitchen. Make sure you choose attractive hues like but not limited to gray, white, and brown. Choose a shade that works best for you.
  • Installing energy-efficient appliances– Old appliances are normally energy inefficient and this scenario may put off potential homebuyers. Make sure you replace your old appliances with new and current ones.
  • Focusing on other kitchen upgrades– Installing granite countertops, spacious and stylish cabinets, using plates as wall d├ęcor, using the classic design for the tiles, and many more is a great plus for your property’s value.

Remember, you can always make your kitchen attractive without breaking the bank.

2. The Bathroom Matters

As much as bathroom remodeling is easier than kitchen remodeling it also plays a crucial part in increasing your property’s value. These rooms are much smaller and making them look attractive doesn’t take much effort. For starters, you should always choose the right flooring material preferably hardy floors that can withstand the bathroom’s daily use. Install beautiful tile backsplash that is attractive to potential homebuyers. Adding plants into the bathrooms gives them a live touch and much-needed color. Make sure you choose the right color palette for your bathroom preferably white or light colors. Dark colors make the bathroom feel claustrophobic and small.

3. Don’t Forget Landscaping

People will always judge a book by its cover. That’s why landscaping is very important in improving your property’s value. More importantly, it is the most affordable home upgrade that comes with enormous returns. Blooming flowers, healthy trees, and well-trimmed lawns do not only increase the value of your home but also make it appealing and prettier. So how do you manage to create an appealing lawn?

  • Planting tree strategically especially native species
  • Replacing annual flowers and plants
  • Cultivating shrubs and trimming them regularly

Always remember trees are also very good for the environment and you will also help to leave a green footprint.

Bottom Line

Your home is one of your greatest investments. More importantly, it is a place where you and your loved ones unwind and relax after all the hassles and bustles of the day. That is why it is important to keep remodeling your home to make it comfortable, welcoming, and valuable.

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