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One of the most challenging rooms to renovate and design can be the bathroom. We all use the bathroom to get ready, so we need it to be usable and have bright lighting. But so many bathrooms end up looking the same. If you want yours to be different, explore our unique lighting ideas to make your bathroom stand out.

Dimmable and Layered Lighting

You want a bright bathroom that’s easy to use because that’s where you prepare for the day and use the mirror the most. But, if you want a more relaxed and comfortable feeling in your bathroom, consider going with softer, dimmed lights layered with task lighting.

Picking a vintage wall sconce that casts a warm glow will make your bathroom feel more like a high-end spa. It’ll be perfect for when you need to unwind after a long day in the bath. You can easily use the wall sconces when you want warm lighting layered with brighter, more practical lighting for getting ready. Functional and intimate, this arrangement is the best of both worlds!

Make a Statement With a Pendant Fixture

Over the past handful of years, hanging pendant lights have become trendy fixtures for kitchen islands, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them into the bathroom. If you want your bathroom to make a statement, consider a hanging pendant that instantly sets your bathroom apart.

There are many options and styles you can go with, whether you want a more retro industrial look or a more modern and chic style with a glass pendant. Just be sure your pendant light is water and steam resistant and isn’t too close to the shower.

Add Luxury With a Chandelier

Chandeliers aren’t only for dining rooms! If you want your bathroom to look and feel luxurious, you should consider getting a small handmade chandelier. It could be the perfect fit for your décor style. Bathroom chandeliers don’t have to be large, extravagant pieces; you can find small handmade fixtures that blend with modern and traditional design styles. Chandeliers offer excellent illumination for bathrooms and double as elegant art pieces.

The bathroom may not be the most glamorous room, but it still presents an opportunity to showcase your distinct style and tastes. Hopefully, our unique lighting ideas to make your bathroom stand out have inspired you to make your bathroom one-of-a-kind!