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Insulating your home comes with a wide array of benefits. To start with, it regulates the amount of heat entering from outside during summer while trapping warmth inside during winter. It also absorbs sounds, keeping your home silent and peaceful to live and relax. Good home insulation lowers your energy bills and even speeds up your home’s resale. It’s a significant investment that you can only entrust with a seasoned home insulation contractor.

At Hello Project, we understand that finding a reliable home insulation contractor can be nerve-wracking. For this reason, we offer to take the weight off your shoulders by connecting you with top-rated contractors near you. These experts will help you explore the insulation options at your disposal and insulate your home within the shortest time possible.

Wondering what insulation options you have? Below are some of the most common alternatives.

Batt and Rolled Insulation

Batt and rolled insulations are quite similar in efficiency and only differ in the method of installation. While insulation batts are commonly installed in pieces, rolled insulation is typically rolled out across the surface between the ceiling joints. However, if your ceiling space is large with a few obstacles, batt insulation might be a better option. Sometimes, your ceiling space might contain plenty of obstacles such as electrical cables and ventilation pipes, reducing the working area. In such a case, your home insulation contractor might consider rolled insulation.

batt insulation Reflective Insulation

Also known as foil insulation, reflective insulation is mostly used in unventilated cavity walls or pitched roofs. It reflects radiant heat and needs at least ¾ inch airspace to be fully efficient.

Reflective insulation is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic, making it easy to use with less safety equipment. Unlike other options, this type of insulation is fairly lightweight and very effective during the warm season. However, being a metal-based product, reflective insulation is generally more expensive.

Why Trust Hello Project to Connect You with A Home Insulation Contractor?

We Link You Up with Trained and Experienced Insulation Contractors

Hello Project only connects you with a home insulation contractor who has proper training, has a license, and with many years of hands-on experience. That way, you can be sure you are getting nothing short of quality services. Our experts will do the job quickly, conveniently and efficiently, while working within your budget.

We Choose Our Contractors Through a Meticulous Selection Process

Before we connect you with a home insulation contractor, we must confirm that they are the right fit for the job. We do this by only shortlisting outstanding insulation contractors. We then thoroughly scrutinize their credentials and even check out testimonials from their previous clients. As a team, we are all about getting you the best home insulation services. We also have a commitment to ensuring that you get a service package that best suits your budget.

When it comes to home insulation, you deserve a partner who cares about your needs. With so many contractors claiming to offer you the best services settling on one that genuinely cares about your needs can be extremely difficult. Thankfully, you do not have to do it yourself. Hello Project is here to link you up with an established contractor with a proven track record. Contact us today and let us save you the headache of doing the search yourself.