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Big, small, spacious, or maybe a proper location are some of the dream outlooks we consider for a dream home. We differ from time to time with our desires. However, one thing that everyone will agree with is comfort. Even after living for years, we tend to improve our homes to suit our comfort. We improve our bathrooms, bedrooms and even kitchens. We just want to be more comfortable. More and more comfortable in our homes with our families. Here are all types of home improvements to reconsider.


An experienced contractor guarantees a job well done. Consider a contractor who has done a good number of home improvements locally. HelloProject contractors is one of the reliable contractor that has highly experienced and professional staffs that will help you improve your house. The workers are very knowledgeable in all home improvement, especially the installation of modern glass bathrooms.

We are also experts in plumbing, roofing, flooring, windows installations and heat/Ac installations.

Bathroom Remodeling

A good bathroom goes beyond a mere nice aesthetic appeal. When planning, considerations like safety, adaptability, cost and satisfactory are vital. A bathroom remodel should be “cosy modern secured and compelling.” A modern innovation is installing heated floor. Imagine never stepping on cold floor after shower! Great, right? A heated floor is durable with a lifespan of more than 30 years. Then there is the resell value factor. The house is more valuable with warm floors and it’s worth the money. So we would install heated floors on the bathrooms. Another remodeling plan is increasing the bathroom size. Instead of physically demolishing the room to erect a bigger one, consider using glass bathrooms. A glass shower tends to make your bathroom bigger than it really is.A glass shower is a modern trend too.

Guest Bathroom

Some ideas are necessary when updating a guest bathroom. These include:

  1. Decoration – decorations such as doormats and flowers to make the bathroom more appealing.
  2. Privacy – let the bathroom be secured.
  3. Fragrance – set that relaxation mood with a nice smell for your guests to enjoy. Plug-in-air freshener and Reed diffuser are perfect.
  4. Toiletries – toothpaste, brushes, razor blades, shampoos, hair gels and good smelling hand soap are just but a few.

Masters Bedroom

For the master bedroom remodel consider the following:

  1. Furniture – whether a king-sized bed or just an average canopy one. Whether to put fewer chairs or not at all. Whether you consider the later the former too sounds better.
  2. Paint – You can choose your preferred paint color. Perhaps a grey paint that gives the room a sophisticated richness or maybe a traditional pale blue paint that creates a relaxed and restful feel. Or maybe yellow paint to illuminate the room.
  3. Wall decorations – maybe too much beautification is too much. The thoughts of placing wall arts or just curtains might be much better

Costs of Remodeling

A low-end remodeling cost is necessary. Remodeling both the guest and master bathrooms are approximated to costs between $1,500 to $4,000. Despite the cost, bathroom remodeling increases your home value as it gives it an attractive appearance that hikes the value of the house.