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Your home’s airflow and air quality can start to suffer without the proper ventilation. Learn the best methods for how to increase ventilation in your home and start breathing better indoors.

Manually Increase Air Flow

One of the first and simplest steps to increasing ventilation and air flow to your home is to manually open the house. Try cracking windows and doors to allow extra airflow inside, especially if you’re trying to manually heat or cool the house. Opening multiple windows will allow extra airflow across the floor. However, use caution when opening doors with pets and animals inside who could potentially escape. Additionally, opening windows can increase the number of allergens you let indoors, so if you suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies, you may want to avoid opening windows.

Filter the Air Inside Your Home

Many homeowners utilize HVAC units to ventilate and heat their homes. If your home possesses an HVAC unit, make sure to install and regularly swap out your air filter. Pleated filters are ideal for capturing particulates and other pollutants in the air. Using the right air filters is important to promote good ventilation and air quality in your home. Without good indoor air quality, your home could be full of allergens and make you feel sick. This is one of the reasons why good indoor ventilation at home is so important.

Use a Portable Air Cleaner or Dehumidifier

Humidity and stagnant air can make it comfortable to spend time indoors in your home. Target these areas with a portable air cleaner or dehumidifier. If your indoor air still feels heavy or humid in certain areas, try setting up a portable air filter or dehumidifier in the problem areas around your home. Portable HEPA air filters are ideal for homes without an overall HVAC system or those who need extra filtration. Make sure to choose the right portable filter for your room size based on the square footage. The larger HEPA portable filters will clean the air faster if you’re looking to expedite the process.

Don’t let your indoor air quality suffer due to poor ventilation. Use these methods for how to increase ventilation in your home to help you create a more comfortable environment at home.