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While we build decks to last many years, there will come a time when you need to repair it. To keep your deck in excellent condition, you must know what warning signs to look for when it’s deteriorating. Once damage sets in, it will jeopardize the stability of the structure. Know what signs to look for so that you can restore the deck as quickly as possible.

Wood Rot

One of the more obvious signs that your deck needs a repair is when you start to notice the wood rotting. Rot will typically soften the wood and make it very spongy. If you can take a sharp or pointy object and easily puncture a hole through the wood, you can conclude that wood rot is taking effect. Repair the deck as quickly as possible to avoid the wood deteriorating more or someone injuring themselves by falling through the structure.

Rickety Railings

The railings are an integral part of the structure of the deck because they keep people from toppling over the sides. When these railings are loose or rickety, you might as well not have them at all. To avoid this hazard, hire a professional to restore the deck. Finding a professional service is always best because you could miss or do something wrong repairing it yourself.

Loose or Splintered Floorboards

Loose and splintered floorboards are a common issue in deck structures, especially when you live in a climate that sees severe changes in weather. No matter what you do, the boards will loosen, warp, and splinter as they age. The good thing about this problem is that you can replace boards individually instead of ripping out the entire deck.

Decaying Posts

A crucial warning sign your deck is deteriorating you don’t want to miss is if the posts decay. These posts are one of the main support components for your deck and the railings. When these decay, they can threaten the stability of the structure and quickly become a safety hazard—repair this immediately.

To minimize the need for a restoration, you must properly maintain the deck. While deterioration is inevitable over time, taking care of the deck and cleaning it will keep the structure in great condition and save you money in repair costs. Repair your deck as quickly as possible if you notice any of the above warning signs.