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Amber Luedke

Garage Floor Mishaps with DIY Epoxying

DIY Epoxy Garage Floor Mishaps

Polyaspartic coatings are one of the best options for garage floorings due to their durability, low maintenance, and ease of cleaning. Not to mention, polyaspartic flake coatings are 20x stronger and 4x more durable than standard epoxy.  But if you’re building your inner Chip and Joanna Gaines DIY “movement,” we can’t say we didn’t warn you about the mishaps in DIY epoxying your own garage floor.

So let’s say you do decide to have some inner DIY inspiration and decide to epoxy your garage floor. Even if you prep, mix, apply, and finish the epoxy on your garage floor perfectly, you may not have considered some things that could still cause problems with your garage floor. There is a big difference between an expectation of achieving a professional, durable, high-quality coating for the garage floor you’ve always wanted versus a box-store coating kit.


We all like to save money and time, right? When providing the best quality or turning to a lower-cost solution like a DIY epoxy job, real money can definitely be saved by getting your project done by one of our professionals the first time. There is no need to spend your valuable time watching YouTube videos that make it seem super easy to do.

At Hello Project, we will connect you with a contractor who will work with you to understand your needs for your particular flooring project. We take pride in offering superior quality and value for your interior or exterior concrete coating needs by providing premium polyaspartic flake or epoxy products.


Most people interested in a DIY epoxy project think they are saving money by picking up what they believe is the same product the professionals use. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but DIY epoxy kits typically involve low-quality materials. We’ve even had some people spend extra money reapplying the same products again to encounter the same problem. More often than not, we end up fixing many DIY epoxy floors.

Most Common Reasons DIY Epoxy Coatings Fail

Below are a few critical factors to consider by professional concrete coating specialists throughout the application process. These factors could be the reason your DIY coating project is failing:


If you want a high-quality garage floor coating, that will require great prep work. Generally, DIY epoxy kits don’t stress the importance of adequately preparing your concrete floor before the application. It’s more than just vacuuming or power-washing. The majority of concrete coatings, such as epoxy, will not adhere to a smooth surface. The floor should be ground to the correct concrete surface profile. It’s best to use a diamond grinder, which opens the pores and allows maximum adhesion. This will remove all of the waxes, oils, grease, and stains you sometimes might not even realize are there.


Diamond Grinding Garage Floor


While concrete is a relatively solid material when dry, it isn’t immune to moisture. For DIY, it can be challenging to know how to check the moisture level in your concrete. Professionals have a process to check the moisture with a moisture meter, and based on the reading, they will determine if your concrete will need a moisture barrier. If a moisture barrier is necessary, it will protect the polyaspartic flake or epoxy from peeling or curling away from the concrete.


When you purchase your DIY epoxy coating kit, you might think it will be as good as a professional job. There are a couple of problems that you can potentially run into while DIY epoxying the garage floor that you might not have considered, such as home improvement stores’ kits often lack durability. The kits you might find at the hardware store are typically not professional-grade. DIY epoxy is primarily water-based, which leaves a thinner coating behind, and it may not be enough to cover your total square footage. Be careful using water-based epoxy because that thin layer is known to bubble and peel.

Hire the Professionals

Are you ready to transform your garage floor with HelloProject?  We can help give you the garage floor of your dreams and help mitigate the mishaps of a botched project or a floor you’re unhappy with.  Polyaspartic coatings protect your floors and add style to your interior and exterior space, call us or fill out our online form today, and we will match you with our professional floor installers near you.

How To Give Your Bathroom a Modern Update

How To Give Your Bathroom a Modern Update

Are you thinking of planning your next home bathroom renovation project? We know how difficult it can be to get a new project off the ground, so we’ve provided some tips to help. Discover how to give your bathroom a modern update.

Upgrade to a Pedestal Sink

In recent years, pedestal sinks have made a huge comeback, thanks to the trend of blending traditional and contemporary aesthetics. A pedestal sink consists of two pieces: a sink and (you guessed it!) a pedestal for the sink to rest on. Pedestal sinks are especially nice in smaller bathrooms because they make the room look more spacious.

New Light Fixtures

Bathrooms in older homes are notoriously dark. To improve the lighting and ambiance, start by switching your incandescent bulbs to LED. Next, think up some unique lighting ideas to make your bathroom stand out. Make sure to match your new light fixtures to the other hardware in your bathroom.

Modern Tile

If you want to make your guests “ooh” and “ahh” when they visit, don’t forget to change out your bathroom flooring! Not only does new flooring instantly add a wow factor to your renovation, but it also gets rid of stains and dirt that tend to build up in bathrooms. Choose a black and white art deco tile for an eclectic vintage style.

Upgrade Your Toilet

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you might consider giving your toilet more than just an aesthetic upgrade. Add a touch of luxury to your home with a heated toilet, or install one that comes with a built-in bidet.

Choosing New Paint Colors

Once you’ve picked out your flooring, you should consider choosing a modern bathroom paint color to match. Remember that softer tones feel more relaxing, while bold colors and jewel tones allow you to make more of a design statement. There’s really no way to go wrong!

We hope this list of ways to give your bathroom a modern update has been helpful. Planning a new renovation requires a lot of work, but the result makes it worth the effort.

How to Create Your Backyard Oasis

My backyard oasis

Your home is your respite, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun where you R&R. Today’s tips will help you turn your backyard into an amazing space that will envy your
neighbors for miles.

Elevate your backyard oasis

Are you ready to design your backyard oasis? To experience the tropical paradise feeling of R&R or the experience of flowing down the lazy river at a water park without ever leaving your own home, it’s right at the tip of your fingers.

This home showcases the best use of their outdoor oasis. It’s filled with an abundance of thriving landscapes, beautiful flowers, and entertaining outdoor space with a pool. Take a plunge into the pool to escape the hot summer heat, or swim a couple of laps. Create a classic space for those hot summer days. What makes your outdoor oasis unique is that you have complete control in creating it however you want. Make your outdoor oasis completely special to your home.

outdoor oasis luxury pool

Photo by: Amber L. Luedke

The lazy river is just about everyone’s favorite feature at the water park. But, traditional lazy river systems can cost more than $500,000. Thankfully, some pool supply companies manufacture current flow systems. This will give you the same effect as a lazy river for a fraction of the price. 

Start with your garage

Have you recently downsized or, since spring cleaning, noticed you need some extra storage space? Your garage is where you will store all of your toys, big and small. If you don’t already have a dedicated space, check HelloProject for contractors. They can help you add a workshop or steel building. Designing your backyard oasis is simple.

Polyaspartic Flake Epoxy Coating

Photo by: Bill Brown

Have you ever considered installing outdoor storage shed, workshop, or steel building? It would be the perfect solution by giving you extra space with the convenience of having it directly on your property. It’s easy to design storage shed, workshop, or steel building that adds beauty and value to your property. You might even consider adding epoxy to the flooring. Our Polyaspartic Flake coatings are 20x more robust and 3x more durable than standard epoxy. These premium concrete coatings are superior scratch, stain, and impact resistant. Adding the Polyaspartic Flake coating gives the space a clean and attractive look. No wonder it makes such a great backyard oasis option! 

Bright ideas to make your backyard oasis safe

Part of what makes a house a home is the feeling of safety. No matter what upgrade you decide to install, an essential part of ensuring your home’s security is an effective use of exterior lighting. It’s necessary for your exterior lighting to be safe and functional.  

Outdoor lighting can heighten your outdoor living space’s functionality. Whether adding lighting for your entertaining areas by a pool or your outdoor kitchen, these places need to be well-lit to be safe for you and your guests—leaving your guests with a great first impression. 

Several different lights are designed specifically for the spaces around your home. Solar-Powered Floodlights, Halogen Floodlights, LED Flood Lights, High-Intensity Discharge Lighting, Motion-Activated Lighting, Timed Exterior Lighting, and more. Check-in with HelloProject for contractors to help you understand the best fit that combines functionality and security for your home.

Add a multi-purpose hard surface

Your son wants a basketball court. Your daughter wants a volleyball court. You want a running track. Your wife loves to play tennis. But you only have one room to make a renovation, so how do you choose between the four? Or do you need to? According to Sports and Recreation Associates, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts are constructed the same way. You could easily have a large surface prepared to use for all three sports as well as a running track. 

Minigolf, anyone?

You can create your own backyard mini golf course with a bit of wood, felt, and tools. And the cost is only around $150 or less per panel!   A fun project that you can do with the kids in a single weekend. The best part about minigolf panels is that they can easily be stored when not they are not in use. 

You probably need a zip line

Zip lining allows you to soar through the trees like a bird. But, you don’t have to go deep into the woods to have a similar experience from home. The Brain And The Brawn blog offers lots of great tips on choosing and installing a backyard zip line.

Dig for an in-ground trampoline

According to Get Trampoline, there are divisive pros and cons of having an in-ground trampoline. Installing an in-ground trampoline is another excellent way to utilize your backyard space for your family’s fun and fitness goals. As long as you don’t mind digging or prefer the look of having your trampoline flush to the ground, this might be a good option for you.

Raise a glass

Since the pandemic, home entertainment is becoming increasingly more popular for at-home bars. Rather than going out, many people are choosing to stay home and are deciding to invite their friends or family over to enjoy the comfort of their homes. Not to mention enjoying all the savings from skipping out on dining out or, should we say, all the extra drinks at dinner too! That will quickly add to the bill.     

outdoor bar

Photo by: Adobe Stock

The modern home bar creates a welcoming entertainment space within or outside the home while adding a level of luxury and relaxation to your everyday living. There are plenty of options when creating your at-home bar, but ultimately the style you choose for your at-home bar is more about loving how the space makes you feel. It’s a chance to unwind and spend more time with your spouse or friends in the comfort of your perfect oasis that matters most. 

Your backyard space is a blank canvas. Light it up and get creative by adding your favorite entertainment features. Whether you install a multi-purpose surface, and elevate your outdoor oasis with a pool, a lazy river, or a portable mini golf course, each new addition to your entertainment arsenal will ensure that your backyard is where the kids want to be! 

What will you work on today? Get inspiration at HelloProject, and then let us help you find the right contractor for your home makeover.