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Homeowners love the finished product of a home remodel, especially when the work comes out right. But for that to happen, you need to handle and prepare everything down to the last detail. Whether it’s a big remodel or a small one, you will need to juggle a lot of moving parts, and some details could easily slip your mind. These are the things to remember when you remodel your home.

Don’t Forget the Lock Box

A lock box comes in handy. Home remodels aren’t exactly a free pass to miss work. Your job will still require you to be present in some cases. But you also don’t want to only confine the renovation time to the weekends since that would make the timeline longer than necessary.

Provide a lock box for the contractors so that they can arrive on the site without having to wait for you to let them in. You don’t want to disturb your schedule any more than necessary. That said, only a select few people should have the code to the lockbox for safety.

Just as a precaution, keep your valuables and sensitive documents locked up. The contractors are likely reliable professionals, so this measure is just a precaution.

Don’t Forget Your Neighbors

Yes, the remodel is happening on your property, but that doesn’t mean your neighbors aren’t subjected to the project as well. They will have to deal with the noise, the temporary eye sore, and even the trash. Warn your neighbors about the incoming dumpster rental to keep them happy.

Try to provide them with all the important details regarding the remodel without oversharing. They should know the timeline of the project and any potential noises they’ll have to deal with. You should also notify them of the location of the dumpster rental and how long you plan to have it on the property. Remember that you need to run remodels by your HOA first.

Don’t Forget About Storage

Don’t forget to make room for the new changes. Moving around furniture could get tiring, especially if it must happen constantly. Plus, you don’t want to coat your furniture in dust and debris. Tarps are a good idea, but moving items out is even better.

Consider placing some of your items in storage until the project is complete. You’ll want to get a jump on renting out a unit sooner rather than later. Consult with the contractors and ask them how long the project will take and what pieces they suggest you place in storage. You might need to set aside a day to complete the task.

Don’t Forget the Safety Net

Above all, never forget the safety net. All home remodels require a budget. However, you need to expect the unexpected. Situations will occur that don’t account for the money set aside for the entire project.

You need to have a backup plan to your backup plan. An additional safety net along with the budget for all those emergencies and unexpected issues. You may not even have to dip into the safety net, but it’s better to have it than suffer a financial loss.

Remember these things for your home remodel to avoid any unnecessary problems.