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Does your home’s exterior look outdated? Do you want to make it look more new-fashioned? Bringing your exterior into the modern age is easier than you’d think! With a few minor tweaks to your home’s exterior, you can transform it into a trendy head-turner. To help you modernize your home, here are our four best tips for creating a modern home exterior.

Sleek Metal Doors

The front door is one of the first things people notice when they approach your humble abode, so you want it to make a loud statement. A wrought iron door can add both security and class to your home. Other great options include wooden doors with a metal trim, glass doors or doors with sidelights, or a traditional door painted in a striking color.

Modern Windows

Traditional wooden windows with mullions and muntins look lovely, but they don’t exactly scream “modern.” Replacing your windows can help boost your home’s contemporary vibe. For a modern window, we recommend casement windows without mullions and muntins that have minimal hardware and are painted a neutral color. There are plenty of window styles that meet these criteria, so you’re sure to find an option you like!

A Neutral Color Palette

A carefully chosen, neutral color palette will take your home from gaudy to modish. For a modern exterior, choose a three-color palette. Two of these colors should be neutral, while the third can be a bolder accent color, like blue or red. Paint your exterior your colors of choice to instantly transform its appearance.

Minimalist But Elegant Landscaping

Modern landscaping tends to be minimalistic yet sophisticated. We recommend using modern materials, like concrete garden borders, stone pavers, gravel, and decorative rocks. Yucca, hosta, aeonium, and other geometric plants will look incredible poking out the ground or standing tall in box planters.

Above are our top four tips for creating a modern home exterior. Take your home from old-school to new age with these few adjustments!