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By virtue of being one of the most-used rooms in the house, the bathroom is a prime candidate for your next home renovation project. However, more often than not, bathroom upgrades are usually overlooked in most home improvement projects. Not unless a homeowner notices a leak or mold build-up, the chances of upgrading the bathroom become slim. Because you use this interior space so often, it is only expected that it will need some fix-ups as the years pass on.

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Typically, bathroom remodeling contractors charge a certain amount—say something between $2,000 and $20,000—for a bathroom remodeling project, depending on the work scale. The expenses may be a matter of concern, but householders begin to see the value of such investment once the renovation project is complete.

Homeowners go through the hassle of doing bathroom renovations for a wide array of reasons. The entire process may seem complicated as you have to factor in your home’s current design, the look and functional aspects that you want to achieve, and additional features to be installed, among other things. Regardless, upgrading the bath is worth every penny. This is not to say that bathroom renovations are daunting home remodel projects to undertake. With experienced bathroom renovators, balancing the design, look, functionality, and features for the new bathroom becomes a seamless process that will help you realize your vision in the shortest time possible!

1. Bathroom Remodeling Enhances Visual Appeal

Having a bathroom is a necessity, but maintaining its aesthetics and look is a choice. You don’t want your bathroom to be an embarrassment when you are hosting your friends over at your place. Your interior décor, wall painting, and flooring can only be as impressive as the bathroom. The condition of the space tells a lot about who you are. A dingy and grimy bathroom leaves a negative impression. A bathroom makeover signals your dedication to creating a comfortable and attractive space.


2. Revved-Up Property Value

The bathroom and kitchen are some of the key areas that property hunters are always on the lookout for. If your friends don’t like it, the prospective buyer will not. When it comes to property valuation, the bathroom is a key factor. If your bathroom features an outdated design and layout, it is about time you added a modern look to it so that it appeals to potential buyers. 

Most old homes have a limited number of bathrooms. You might not need a bathroom remodeling now, but adding several baths is a way of appealing to homebuyers. 

3. Elevated ROI Margins

As mentioned above, bathroom remodeling projects can cost up to $20k. You also need to cater to the design, planning, and implementations. That a lot of work, but it never goes unrewarded. In the long run, you’ll receive significant returns on investment after a bathroom renovation. In fact, the kitchen and bathroom are the top two remodeling works that offer over 100% returns of the entire renovation budget. That’s why you need to evaluate the quotes home remodeling contractors offer. What you want is a bathroom that is not only functional but also offers the required comfort by your family and future buyers.


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4. Expanded Space

Another advantage of bathroom remodeling is the extra space created during the renovation works. Your prospective homebuyers are looking for something beyond functionality, and that is adequate space. In case you cannot expand the bathroom, you can consider de-cluttering the space so that it opens up more room. Some tips include changing the design or replacing the furniture that consumes significant space. Open shelves and cabinets are excellent means of expanding your bathroom space too.

5. Bathroom Remodeling for Better Energy-Efficiency

Adding energy-efficient fixtures and components is not only eco-friendly, but it is also friendly to your wallet. Going green or adding a sustainable solution to the bath can save considerable amounts of cash. Energy-efficient home-improvement fixtures, such as water-saving showers and low-flow toilets, are readily available in local renovation stores. Why not replace your old fixtures with modern, energy-saving alternatives? In fact, most of these environmentally-friendly bathroom fixtures are as comfortable and easy-to-use as their standard counterparts. They may seem like small, negligible steps, but they go a long way in saving the planet.

Final Thoughts

It always seems impossible until it’s done. But if you enlist the help of experienced bathroom remodeling experts at HelloProject, your “impossible” task can be done smoothly, efficiently, and in no time. Leave it to seasoned professionals to put everything into perspective and make your dream come true!