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Bathroom renovation is an excellent and exciting home remodeling project. There are many bathroom upgrades to consider, such as shopping for modern and trendy tile and tub designs. On the other hand, there is less exciting stuff to do before the remodeling works begin to ensure that the upgrade runs efficiently and seamlessly.

We’ve discussed some of the 5-point bathroom remodel checklist you need to have that will help you manage and succeed in your next bathroom renovation.

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#1. Bathroom Remodel Checklist: Budget

Money matters; the budget is the first thing you need to work out when you think of a bathroom upgrade. Your home remodeling contractors will calculate an estimate for the entire project, which will cover the supplies, demolitions, and removals, as well as bathroom equipment. Having a clear budget makes it easy for you to make rational decisions about what to include in the remodeling project.

Once you know the amount you can comfortably spend, allocate a contingency budget. That’s an amount that will cater to any unforeseen expenses or extras.

#2. Project Timeline

Project timeline is a key factor in your bathroom remodel checklist. The time required to complete the bathroom remodeling project will vary depending on the project’s scope and work nature. Qualified home remodeling contractors usually provide their clients with quotes that detail the timeline.

It is critical to be open-minded about time. Just because you have a single bath in your house does not mean that the job won’t usurp much time. Sometimes it narrows down to the items in the bathroom that you need upgrades.

By focusing on the timeline, you will also be outlining the necessary steps, eventually resulting in a streamlined workflow.

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#3. Functionality and Style

Achieving an improved aesthetic appeal is the primary reason why homeowners hire reputable home remodeling contractors, and a bathroom makeover is not an exception. While you concentrate on the design and new fixtures, it is equally essential to create a bathroom with enhanced functionality and style.

Hence, as part of your bathroom remodel checklist, browse the internet, and search for different designs and layouts that may appeal to your taste. Prioritize them according to functionality level and consult your contractor to see whether they can incorporate your design elements.

#4. Bathroom Remodel Checklist: Measurements

Three factors make bathroom-remodeling measurements an issue for home remodeling contractors. These include the general size of the bathroom, the dimensions of the various fixtures, and the plumbing and electrical systems’ location.

Having accurate measurements of the factors listed above makes it easy for you to get supplies of the right size when you are shopping. Imagine how frustrating it would be for you to buy costly materials only to find out that they don’t fit.


#5. Walls and Flooring | Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Apart from the kitchen, the other room with high moisture content in a home is the bath. When considering the walls and flooring materials, it would be best if you chose water-resistant materials. There is a wide range of flooring and wall materials you can choose from: tile, concrete, vinyl, epoxy, etc. They also come at different prices, so it all depends on your style and budget.

As you choose the best flooring or wall materials that fit your budget, remember your guiding rules when shopping for bathroom remodeling: durability, moisture-resistance, and slip-resistance.

Wrapping Up

Remodeling a bathroom to refresh your space or give it a new look can be as easy as applying a fresh coat of paint. The above bathroom remodel checklist will help your project turns out exactly as you dream it. To ensure your home remodeling project runs seamlessly, it’s advisable to work with experienced bathroom remodeling experts. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, call HelloProject today and experience the difference!