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The bathroom is an important area of a home that means a lot to householders. According to recent studies, bathrooms are still the most popular rooms to upgrade or remodel. A bathroom remodel ‘eats up’ a significant budget, but that does not mean you cannot save a few hundred bucks on your bathroom makeover. Perhaps, it starts by hiring the best bathroom remodeling contractors near me. They have the knowledge, equipment, and knack to provide timely and cost-effective design and remodeling solutions.

If you intend to renovate your bathroom on a budget, below are 6 practical tips to help you do that.

A Good Plan With the Help of Bathroom Remodel Contractors Near Me

For homeowners concerned about their bathroom remodeling cost, partnering with professional designers, architects, or bathroom remodeling contractors can seem like an expensive move. They do not understand that an expert can help you create a realistic design, budget, timeframe, and a clear way of achieving that.

Erratic planning is costly in the long term because you’ll have to redo some areas, extending the budget further. Not to mention the time it consumes. For this reason, always consult a professional bathroom expert at the planning phase of your next remodeling project.

bathroom remodel near me Use the Existing Bathroom Layout and Size

Bathroom renovation involving a layout change means you have to move the plumbing system. Changing the toilet discharge pipes and sewer lines can significantly dent your finances.

According to professional bathroom remodel contractors near me, only resize the bathroom to enhance functionality or suit your individual needs. Still, it would help if you weighed the benefits the change will bring against the financial impact the bathroom remodel will have.

Prioritize Upgrades

Prioritizing improvements is an excellent way of controlling your bathroom remodel cost. It is sometimes tricky to factor in all your preferred upgrades in the budget. That’s why expert bathroom remodeling contractors near me advise homeowners to consider the makeover a long-term project rather than a one-time thing. If possible, upgrade the faulty, old, and efficient fixtures, then focus on other aspects as you get the money.

bathroom remodel near me Get Antiquing

Salvage can be overwhelming if you don’t understand where to start. Luckily, your locality has many antique stores, flea markets, and occasional garage sales. These places have excellent collections of antiques and rustic items that you can use to accessorize the bath on a budget.

For instance, you can find an eye-catching salvage barn wood and use it as your shower curtain valance. It might look like a pricey addition to an uninitiated individual, but it creates an impressive focal point without you having to break the bank.

Take Clever Shortcuts: Seek Expert Opinion from Bathroom Remodel Contractors Near Me

When doing a bathroom remodel. You can hire a general contractor to handle the entire process or divide the job among different professionals. For example, it can be cost-effective to have a designer only draw the design and shop for the materials personally. Then, hire expert bathroom to remodel contractors near me to handle other tasks. That may help you narrow the budget while still achieving the desired results—but you need a professional’s insight on this. Otherwise, it might cost you more.

bathroom remodel near me Retain the Dry Walls

Bathroom walls are prone to mold because of the high moisture content. That makes it necessary to bring down the walls. You’ll also have to build more drywalls and spend more on paint. If you inspect the drywalls and think they are still in good shape, keep them. It would be best to replace the drywall behind the bathtub or shower. Chances are, other areas might be in excellent shape.

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