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The right shower can transform your home into a relaxing spa or a fabulous gateway. Upgrading your bathroom with a modern remodeled shower will not only enhance your bathing experience but also can bring the enjoyment that many prospective buyers seek when they are buying a home. Full bathroom shower remodels can improve your home’s resale value by more than 25%.

Many homeowners like you have experienced the agony of dingy and non-functional showers, but they have turned it all around. You too are not exceptional. Below are the effective bathroom shower remodels that will sway buyers into placing an offer on your home.

Tie the Shower and Tub together

With two services in the same room— that is, the shower and a full-size tub, you are at risk of visual chaos. For instance, a shower tile surround may clash with a smooth acrylic bathtub. To avoid the risk, try matching material. You can use the same type of natural stone for both the tub surround and the shower.

Build Niches for More Storage

You already understand that copious in shower shelving space is important for placing your soaps, scrubbers, shampoos, and conditioners. The more of this, the better. With the modern showers, you can retroactively fix shelves by sticking them onto the walls using silicone caulk. But if you are currently undertaking the bathroom shower remodels, you can build wall niches along.

Upgrade your Tile

To enhance your bathing experience even more, consider undertaking bathroom shower remodels that supersize the room to include a light-filled frameless shower enclosure. You will not get it wrong by installing a shower tile. With sufficient room for a bathing chair along with adequate light cascading through the frameless glass enclosure, this shower will make you even spend more time in the room.

You may choose to do your own shower tile work but this call for a serious thought before you can plunge in. Wall backsplash and the floor tiles are different as they are tailored in a manner that they are less affected by water. However, with showers, the tolerance for errors is nearly nil. This is because even the least crack or seam can allow water to damage your home’s underlying structures.

Water-proof your shower

As luxe as your bathroom shower remodels may look, maintaining water in the shower and away from subflooring, is a major issue with almost all shower remodels. But this can be done easily by applying a waterproofing membrane. This provides a critical protection layer over the cement board that cannot be damaged by moisture. likewise, you can apply a thin plastic on the cement board with non-modified thin-set mortar.

Your bathroom shower remodels should focus on maximizing Natural Light

Bath-rated and water-tight light fixtures are out for a reason—sometimes, showers can be dark. The best way to banish shower gloom is by utilizing the natural light. There is no better way of doing this than combining your corner shower unit with frameless glass walls.

When undertaking bathroom shower remodels, use thick tempered glass to serve as walls. Avoid wood framing. In case of a tight budget, you can choose to buy only a frameless shower door, it will precisely serve the purpose instead of going for the entire enclosure.

Before you Leave and embark bathroom shower remodels

Modern bathroom shower remodels are a versatile way of bringing a mini-vacation into your home. It can be simple or complicated depending on your current bathroom and the design you adore.

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