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Compare Prices on Your Bathroom Project

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When living in a single-family home, families try to make it comfortable for everyone. A lack of space messes with the function of a home. Unfortunately, having a single bathroom to share can quickly become a stressful endeavor.

Sharing a bathroom can take its toll, whether you need to rotate shower times, more than one person needs to use the bathroom, or you want just a moment of peace. So here are tips for maximizing single-family bathrooms that will make getting ready much easier.

Get Creative With Storage

Instead of relying on a bathroom closet or vanity for storage, other alternatives can help you save space in your single-family bathroom. Firstly, you can have mounted shelves that hold towels, cosmetics, and other goodies.

If you have a wall-mounted bathroom vanity, you can place small baskets underneath for more storage opportunities. Lastly, medicine cabinets, adhesive hooks, and wire baskets help with designating your bathroom supplies without taking up space.

Rethink Your Bathroom Vanity

Without even knowing it, your current bathroom vanity can take up considerable space in your bathroom. So opt for a smaller, more compact bathroom vanity instead.

Swapping out your larger bathroom vanity for a smaller one can immediately improve foot traffic flow and increase space in your bathroom. There are many benefits of a single-sink vanity, such as more space in your bathroom, easier cleaning, and it’s less prone to clutter.

Play With Light and Color

Walking into a bathroom with little to no light colors can make it feel tiny. Instead, consider repainting your walls and increasing natural light for a more open, relaxing feel.

If you can, install a single window for easy natural light; otherwise, opt for LED lightbulbs for added light and reduced energy waste. Painting your walls is a helpful family home renovation that can transform your bathroom from dark and intimidating to inviting and therapeutic. Consider white, neutral, and pastel colors to create a harmonious feel.

Swap Out the Bathtub

Sometimes a tremendous space saver can come from removing your bathtub. You can swap your bathtub for a standing corner shower to help maximize your single-family bathroom space and create more flow.

Installing a standing shower can allow more room for storage while creating a more sleek and modern space. So consider making the switch so that you and your family can effortlessly enter and exit the bathroom without feeling cramped.

Whether you’re sharing a bathroom with two or 10 children, you need to get creative with what you have. Consider what you can make of your current bathroom layout and make it as versatile as possible.

Compare Prices on Your Bathroom Project

Get the best deal by comparing prices with our free quotes today!