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Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Garage doors are no exception to this rule. It may seem strange at first; maybe you think that your garage couldn’t possibly become that technologically advanced. We promise these trends are becoming more popular every day. Check out our top three technological advancements for garages in 2022.

Smart Garage Door

We’ve seen many of these door types in recent years. Imagine that you and your friends are prepared to pull into their garage. They reach up, tap a button, and their garage door opens on its own. There are even apps that make this possible. Technology is so advanced that you can have the door automatically open the moment you drive up—you don’t even need to press anything. In some cases, you can program your garage to open or close on a schedule, lock or unlock remotely, or give you notifications if someone is trying to get in. The remote garage revolution is in full effect, and you have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy it.

Insulated Garages

We think about insulating our homes but rarely consider insulating our garage doors. But your garage has a door, too, especially if it’s attached to your home. If it’s attached, it will become a point of heat loss during the cold winter months. If it isn’t attached, it will get cold more quickly in winter. Cold weather negatively impacts your car’s performance, so it’s in your best interest to keep it as warm as possible. Insulating your garage is the best way to do that.

Solar Garage Doors

Did you know you that can install a garage door with solar panels? These panels can also store energy throughout the day and recharge your car in the evening. You can use solar energy to charge your electric car, but if that’s too futuristic for you, you can also use it to charge your car’s battery, power your lights, or even power your security cameras. It’s perfect for most of your needs, so don’t immediately dismiss the choice! This is one of the most exciting garage door technologies of all.

In short, garages will only advance further with time. It helps to be on top of the trends so that you can benefit from these advantages and make your life easier. We hope you’ll choose one of these technologies to enjoy for years to come!