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Epoxy coating is the most versatile flooring type that enjoys an exponential surge of popularity among homeowners. —Due to its wide array of awesome benefits. To begin with, epoxy flooring works well in both interior and exterior spaces as well as garages. What’s more, the epoxy coating provides a seamless, high-end look, breathing new life into your familial spaces. Additionally, it is a reliable flooring refinishing type that protects concrete or plywood surfaces against traffic, chemical stains, and moisture. When it comes to epoxy floor installation in your home, you can count on HelloProjectusa every step of the way. We will find the best-matched epoxy floor installer for your renovation project.

Expert Services Tailored to Meet All Your Epoxy Coating Needs

Better yet, we will monitor the project progress from your initial free in-home consultation to the day of epoxy installation and beyond. We are here to get you matched, help you get a pocket-friendly estimate, and make sure everything is done right, promptly, and with 100% customer satisfaction. An epoxy floor can transform an interior or exterior space with a bare concrete or plywood floor into an aesthetic, refined, and functional area. While epoxy floor coatings have, the longest period, used widely in commercial (& industrial) sectors, homeowners have also discovered epoxy coatings’ value. Custom epoxy floors increase your home’s value exponentially since epoxy coating have quality properties that provide high-traction, smooth, and high resistance to stains, temperature changes, and constant foot traffic.

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy floor coating is a chemical compound that constitutes of two main elements.—An epoxy resin and a catalyst, usually a polyamine hardener. When mixed, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in a durable floor with hard plastic coating, which have excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties. Epoxy floor coatings are layers of epoxy applied to a concrete floor to about two millimeters. Their rigidity, very strong bonds, and high impact- coupled with super high abrasion resistance protect the concrete substrate and preserves its structural integrity. That said, partnering with seasoned epoxy flooring installers ensures that you get your dream results. Luckily, HelloProjectusa will match you with the best epoxy floor contractor near you.

Epoxy Coating Services

One of the upsides to a garage floor epoxy is that there are many ways, floor designs, and places that you can install epoxy floor coatings to make your home stylish, safe, beautiful, and functional. Epoxy Coating Below are some popular epoxy floor/epoxy coat system;

Residential Epoxy Coating

Do you have children or pets at home? If so, an epoxy coating is one of the best flooring material for your home. Its hardness character makes the floor resistant to UV, scratches, cracking, and abrasive forces subjected to it when the kids are playing, or the pets are running and scratching the floor. Besides, you’ll spend a few minutes cleaning an epoxy floor, thanks to its low maintenance qualities.

Epoxy Flooring Garage

Garage floor epoxy provides a unique finish and flooring performance you need to protect your garage floor against corrosive car fluids and tire tracks. It is highly resistant to these harsh chemicals. Besides, epoxy flooring garage can brighten up your interior space over 300 times more than a single lamp.

Basement Epoxy

The basement is one of the areas prone to water infiltration. Letting a floor expert install an epoxy floor in the basement is the best solution when it comes to waterproofing your home. Because you’ve successfully sealed of water penetration, you and your loved ones can continue living inside your home comfortably, knowing you won’t have to deal with mold and mildew.

Custom/Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is growing in popularity as it allows epoxy contractors to give the flooring special effects and mimicry. For instance, you can have a cloudy, blazing fire or cracked effect to give your home a personalized character. It is an industrial-grade epoxy and guarantees high strength.

Epoxy Flooring What to Expect During Epoxy Coating Preparation and Installation

Before applying epoxy floor coatings, your flooring contractor will patch up and repair any blemishes with the concrete floor. The process also involves testing the floor to check for any previous epoxy/sealant applications. The testing requires the use of water. If the water seeps through the concrete when poured. Then. it indicates no previous seals, but if it beads on the surface, it’s a sign of previous sealing. That makes it unsuitable for epoxy floor coatings. Depending on the floor conditions, our contractor will either use acid etching or floor grinding to prepare the floor. That ensures that the epoxy bonds with the surface. Next, the installer will apply a primer, followed by several layers of epoxy, allowing each layer to dry first.

A shiny, clear, and colored coat is then added to finish it off. It takes about 4-5 days for the epoxy floor to dry and cure completely. If you are looking for professional epoxy coating services, contact us today or call at 800.900.7875. We will happily help you find the most suitable epoxy professional for your project.