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In most homes, attics are unloved and rarely remembered spaces. However, every attic has some potential to be something more than a glorified closet. Depending on your budget, you can turn the average attic into a pleasant space. Here are four ways to turn an attic into an extra cozy space.

Planning and Dreaming

The first and most obvious question to ask is what you want the attic to become. As it stands, attics already serve several purposes. They’re places where you can stow HVAC and similar large equipment out of sight. They keep the lower parts of the home cooler by redirecting heat up and out of the house. And finally, they’re great storage spaces. As is, they’re usually unpleasant, dusty, and hot places to be. Hence, decide what you want your attic to become. Whether you choose to make your attic a home office or guest room, first figure out a plan and assess the budget required to make it a nicer place to hang out.

Hot and Cold

As mentioned, attic spaces can get hot, so a big part of your budget will go toward insulation and ventilation. Lay new insulation between the battens and rafters to keep the attic warmer or cooler, according to the seasons. Ventilation and fans will also keep the temperature level while ensuring mold won’t form behind the walls. Covering insulation with drywall will also preserve the temps while beautifying the new room.

Bright Prospects

Attics are a staple of horror movies because they’re dingy and dark. Attics often come with smallish windows, a single light, or neither. Human beings prefer to remain in light, so part of your budget should consider the need for windows to let the sunshine in. A skylight is a great addition to your attic to make it feel cozier. If your attic already has a few windows but looks like it could use some work, consider window replacement to bring them back to life.

If you can’t add windows, electric lights work just as well. Track lighting and recessed lights are best for the job, but you can also add table and floor lamps.

Fancy Furnishings

The final tip on turning an attic into an extra cozy space is to choose pieces of furniture that accentuate the positive aspects of the attic. If the floor is unfinished, it may require a raised platform or a newly installed floor. If it already has a floor made of rough, unfinished beams, choose the perfect area rug, such as a corner-to-corner one. It provides a comfortable surface to walk on while enhancing the decor. Pick furniture that fits the space while allowing some headroom.