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What do you use your attic for? Most homeowners dedicate the area for storage. All the items in your home that don’t have a place or you don’t use every day go into the attic. But this space offers more than a location to store holiday decorations. Here are some tips for converting your attic into a home office.

Consult a Contractor

Don’t make any plans to convert your attic into a home office until you’ve consulted a licensed contractor. They will inform you if the project is possible. You don’t want to get your hopes up if it’s not. The contractor will measure the space in the attic and map out an area to bring in extra light with one or more windows.

Plus, they can survey the space and look for any damage. Homeowners need to address these problems before moving forward with the project if they detect mold or insulation issues. Get the opinion of a few different contractors. Ask for references and review their previous work to ensure they’re suitable for the job.

Clean Out the Space

Once you get the green light from your contractor of choice, it’s time to grab the broom. Everything needs to go so the professionals can get to work. Sort through everything and find a new location for them. You may want to donate some items.

You may also find items that no longer serve a purpose. Along with the construction debris, you may want to throw these things away. Be sure to rent a dumpster and place it in your driveway. An attic remodel is not a huge project, so a 10-yard dumpster is a suitable size for this renovation.

Sketch the Vision

What’s your idea of a dream office? Draw up a sketch for the contractors and share your ideas with them. Most homes tend to have a closed-off attic. Transform the space into your perfect oasis. Consider installing soundproofing to eliminate distractions.

Include plenty of storage space in this vision. Attics are small by design and additional shelves and storage make it easier to stack items. Some storage solutions may take up space in your office, but they will also make the area look more intimate and add to the design.

Find the Furniture

Get a jump on the furniture for your office space. You don’t need to make purchases now, but start looking for items you know will work inside the space. Try to purchase your items at a discounted rate, because buying them in bulk will get pricey.

Space out your purchases. Prioritize the things you need as soon as the contractor team finishes the renovation. You’ll need things like a desk, chair, and possibly some electronic equipment. Other pieces of furniture like love seats, couches, and additional lamps can wait until later. Buy light-colored furniture to help ensure the space stays bright and airy.

Converting an attic into a home office is one of the best ways to make use of the space.