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Every person who says buying a house is a good investment fails to mention how unbearable some household chores are. Homeowners must take on more responsibility than renters, so if you’re coming from the renting world to home ownership, learn about these home maintenance jobs that homeowners often neglect.

What’s Poppin’ in the Water Heater?

Many homeowners might notice a popping sound when they turn on the hot water. Sadly, that noise doesn’t imply that a bowl of buttery popcorn is on the way. Instead, it’s your water heater informing you of sediment buildup.

A sediment cleanout of your water heat should be an annual occurrence. Otherwise, the tank could overheat, leading to early failure. Yearly tank flushes will keep your energy costs low and extend the lifespan of what can be a pricey water heater.

Up to the Gutters

Cleaning out your home’s gutters is a tall task, especially if you’re not too keen on climbing a ladder. Nevertheless, neglecting this household task could lead to worse problems than a shaky ladder.

Clogged gutters often cause leaky and water-damaged roofs. With the pooled water sitting in the gutter with nowhere to go, deterioration can happen quickly. Furthermore, clogged gutters are like the bat signal for rodents and other pests, alerting them to make themselves feel at home. If you notice any clogged gutters signs, do not hesitate to head up and see what’s happening because mold, mice, and mystery leaks could be on the way.

Mice Check, One, Two

Speaking of rodents squatting on your property, conducting periodic checks for mice nests in and around your property is a good idea. Mice tend to pop up over the winter to find someplace warm to hide. Unfortunately, that someplace warm could be behind a wall.

Although mice seem relatively harmless, their little teeth can gnaw on electrical wiring that could be vital for your home to function. Plus, the sight of a little blob scurrying across the floor will send shivers up any homeowner’s spine, so address the issue before these pests take up residence.

Let the Dryer Vent

We may remember to empty the dryer lint from that loud contraption you pull from the dryer. Yet, that’s just a small part of cleaning the dryer vent. A thick layer can find its way deep down in the dryer duct, which could lead to inefficient drying or, at worst, a house fire.

If you notice a funky smell or it takes you three 60-minute cycles to dry a load of laundry, the odds are that your dryer requires your attention. Otherwise, you’ll have an elevated electric bill and a fire hazard in your home.

It’s good practice to focus on these home maintenance jobs that homeowners neglect. They may be a pain to deal with head-on, but the problems afterward are more of a headache than checking for Stuart Little and his pals.