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Mirrors are a great way to decorate your home because they add charm, flair, and functionality and make spaces appear larger and more open. However, the larger the mirror you wish to hang, the more support it will need. Therefore, following the proper steps for reinforcing your mirror is important. Here are some helpful tips for hanging a heavy mirror on the wall.

Locate the Wall Studs

The first helpful tip for hanging a heavy mirror on the wall is to locate wall studs. If you have experience mounting heavier objects on the wall, you know how important studs are. Wall studs are wood or metal beams behind your walls that make up the framework of your house. You want to mount your mirror to a wall stud because it acts as a durable anchor point, helping the heavy mirror to stay securely in place. There are several different methods for finding wall studs for mounting. One simple and effective way is to use a stud finder. Once you locate the studs, you can hang your mirror with more stability.

Use Heavy-Duty Anchors

If you have difficulty locating wall studs or are utilizing a wall that lacks studs, you should use heavy-duty anchors. If you try to hang a heavy mirror with a nail or screw, it will likely fall out of place, as it doesn’t provide enough support for the mirror’s weight. Manufacturers design drywall anchors with additional sleeves that provide extra support and stability when hanging heavier objects on a wall. Therefore, you should utilize these heavy-duty anchors if you can’t utilize wall studs. You want to ensure that the anchor you choose is the appropriate choice for your mirror and can hold its weight.

Install French Cleat Brackets

Another beneficial option when hanging heavy mirrors on a wall is installing French cleat brackets. French cleat brackets are interlocking brackets that hook together to hang heavy objects on a wall. You will install the wall bracket into the wall, utilizing wall studs as an anchor, then place the mounting bracket onto the back of the mirror. You want to ensure you get the brackets level so the mirror will sit on the wall evenly. You also want to ensure you get the mounting bracket in the right position on the back of the mirror. Then you will carefully interlock the two brackets to hang the mirror in your desired location.

The next time you want to hang a mirror, be sure to follow these effective tips for mounting heavy mirrors. Also, be sure to follow proper safety precautions when performing home improvement projects or handling power tools like drills. If you’re hanging a mirror as part of your bathroom renovation project, you should also follow professional tips for bathroom remodels.