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Everyone loves a home renovation after the job is over. However, the process beforehand can be a little disruptive and sometimes quite disruptive, depending on the job. You need to find new ways to navigate and ultimately live in your house, and that can be a pain, especially if some areas of your home start to suffer. No worries; we can help you. Here’s how to protect your home during renovations.

Tarp It Up

Dust and debris are part of the renovation business, and you can’t escape them. So it’s time to face it. First and foremost, at the end of the workday, you want to ensure the crew sweeps and cleans up the best they can. Letting dust and debris linger will ruin your home.

Secondly, they need to tarp your furniture. Don’t leave anything out to exposure, especially your nice pieces. Make sure they come with a tarp for the couch, dining room table and chairs, and entertainment center.

Some of the counter space in the kitchen might need a tarp too. And if the renovators aren’t working on the floors, ask if they could lay down some protective material there too.

Bring In the Breeze

There needs to be constant airflow in your home while it’s going through renovations. As previously stated, it gets extremely dusty on these jobsites, and you don’t want yourself or your crew to fall victim to these particles.

Keep the windows open and shut down the air conditioning and heating in work areas. Bring in air cleaners, purifiers, and big fans so that nothing lingers around and creates a problem. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the current work conditions. If someone isn’t, ask what they recommend to make the task easier for them.

Protect the Exterior

If all the renovations are happening inside, why does the outside need protecting? Well, here’s your answer. During a sizeable remodel, you may rent a dumpster for your driveway. And if that’s the case, you need to protect this area.

Just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean you can neglect it. A dumpster rental can cause scratches and damages. So you need to lay down wood boards to protect the driveway. Check with the company you rent from to see what their recommendations are.

Consolidate the Sound

Sound can cause a lot more damage than you think. For starters, too much sound can actually warp and damage your furniture and walls. Plus, it can make you really unpopular with your neighbors. You want to keep the loud banging and intense power tool sounds to a few days, not the entire project.

Talk it over with your contractor and see what days they need to make the most noise. Work out a schedule that accommodates everyone. Give your neighbors a heads-up so that they know what to expect and won’t get too annoyed.

Protect your home during renovations. By the end of the project, all you should see is beauty that brings a smile on your face.