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Your yard plays several roles. It offers a comfortable outdoor space to relax and enjoy the weather and forms a boundary between you and your neighbor’s property.

If you want to ensure your yard is functional and appealing, you must remember a few things. Use these tips for keeping your yard looking good this spring to make the most of your outdoor space.

Avoid Standing Water

One of the worst things for your home is standing water. It can get into your foundation, causing damage and wear. Pools of water also create breeding grounds for insects, inviting unwanted guests such as mosquitos, flies, and gnats.

To reduce standing water, ensure your gutters and downspouts are undamaged and free of clogs. You may need to do some irrigation if low points collect puddles. Dethatching, aerating, and adding absorbent materials and compost to your yard can also help.

Remove Dead Trees and Stumps

Trimming and pruning the trees in your yard will make the area look cleaner. Remove or pare back old trees or those growing too close to the house. If a tree is crooked, dying, or infested with pests, get rid of it.

Stumps can be a hassle to remove if you’ve never done it before. You can cut it out with the rest of the tree or let it die first and remove it later. Here’s what you need to know about stump grinding and removal to complete the job safely and effectively.

Invest in Lawn Care

Your yard will only look as good as the lawn. If your grass is patchy, brown, or full of weeds, you won’t be able to appreciate the space as much. Proper lawn care will ensure your yard looks great all year.

The first step to good lawn care is knowing the grass type in your yard and what it prefers. The amount of water, fertilizer, and weed killer you use on it will depend on the species. Remember to give it plenty of nutrients, and don’t mow the grass too low, or it could burn.

A Nice Yard Makes Your Home More Livable

If you want to spend time in your yard this spring, you’ll need to ensure it looks fantastic. Removing standing water, old trees, and stumps will make taking care of your lawn easier.

With these tips for keeping your yard looking good this spring, you’ll have the most talked-about house on the block.