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Going on a getaway to a tropical destination is one of the relaxing ways you can vacation. During your stay, you’ll experience wonderful accommodations and things you wish you could bottle up and bring home.

One such thing is a swim-up bar. A swim-up bar is exactly as it sounds—a working, functioning, poolside bar that allows you to sip on your favorite beverages without getting out of the pool. With these tips for creating a swim-up bar, you can live the dream by adding one to your home’s pool.

Going the Distance

The ideal depth for a swim-up bar is between two to three and a half feet, which is perfect for the pool’s shallow end. This allows visitors to enjoy the bar while sitting partly immersed in the cool water. If it were in deeper waters, an auspicious cannonball from someone nearby may cause a wave that spills your drink.

Grabbing a Seat

Is a bar really a bar if it doesn’t have comfortable barstools to sit on? We don’t think so either, so you must include comfortable seats at the appropriate height for your backyard oasis.

With the countertop six inches above the pool’s coping, you know where barstools can go.

Champions of the Sun

Although you’re in a pool to stay cool, the sun will still wreak havoc on your skin, and protecting it is essential. For this reason, putting the bar in a shaded area is a brilliant move. Whether you add an umbrella or use a tree line in your favor, you don’t have a sweltering sun affecting your fun. If you want to get fancy, you could build a grotto for the bar.

Staying Safe

Overserved people and a pool aren’t always the best combination. One too many drinks could cause someone to put their or someone else’s life in danger. Many things can go wrong in an instant, so make safety a priority.

If you’re entertaining and notice someone flirting with disaster, cut them off and get them out of the pool immediately. Furthermore, if there are kids around, you must also serve non-alcoholic beverages. You can have all the ingredients necessary to make a margarita, but you don’t want the kiddos to have them.

Remember these tips for creating a swim-up bar if you want to be living the dream. It will take only one sip of your favorite beverage to make you feel like you’re in paradise. And considering you’re nursing a cocktail in a gorgeous swimming pool, you kind of are.