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Most people are familiar with spring cleaning and the desire to tidy up their spaces when the seasons change after being cooped up inside all winter. You’re ready to get out of the house and get things done, but in order to do that, you need to check a few things off your to-do list first. This usually culminates in a long battle of cleaning and organizing your home. Review these spring cleaning tips for an organized attic to get started on the right foot and begin tidying up your home from the top down.

Completely Gut the Attic

To make sense of the mess that has become your attic and home over the winter months, you’ll need to completely gut your attic.  This will help give you a fresh perspective on the tasks you need to complete and how you want to prioritize things. Suppose you leave everything in the attic or simply shuffle things around. In that case, you increase the potential of missing something or not cleaning everything as thoroughly as possible with an empty room.

Dust and Sweep the Space

Once you’ve moved everything out of the room, you’ll want to remove any cobwebs and dust that might have collected on the rafters and corners of the ceiling and walls over time. You may need to review certain spots multiple times to ensure you get them as clean as possible.

Look for Anything That Needs Repair

Things often tend to break as they age, which is understandable. No matter whether you’re emptying the attic in anticipation of a makeover or you’re planning to utilize the room as an extra living space, you will still need to check for opportunities for repairs, such as ventilating your attic, to keep your house in working order. If you fail to do this, problems like mold and mildew could seep into the rest of your house and potentially deteriorate your home slowly over time.

You’ll Need To Purge Your Things

One of the best ways to make sense of your attic space is by removing things you don’t need. If you’re completely renovating and making something new out of the space you have, you’ll need to keep this in mind to get the fullest potential out of your attic space.

These were just a few spring cleaning tips for an organized attic that will help you make your house into what you’ve always wanted. Get the most out of your living space and give your attic the attention it needs—you won’t regret it.