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Transitioning your home into a vacation rental property isn’t always as easy as just printing a new key. Many homeowners choose to renovate spaces to better suit their new purpose and to provide guests with a more well-rounded and comfortable stay. Here are a few remodeling tips to help you create a captivating Airbnb home that vacationers will adore.

Make the Most Out of a Small Space

Not many vacation rental properties are sprawling mansions. Most homeowners take advantage of spare properties or guest areas to earn on the unused, often small space. When you’re working to create a captivating Airbnb experience, you need to make the most of tiny rooms and give guests a place where they can breathe and relax.

For the most part, this means being picky about what furniture and fixtures you include. However, there some tasks in maximizing a small space can turn into full-on renovation projects. Consider adding or replacing windows in the space to visually increase the room size. Lifted ceilings and sliding doors also do their part to expand a bedroom’s visual size. If your rental unit includes a kitchen, adding white backsplash and countertops is one of several ways to make the most of a small kitchen.

Keep Accessibility in Mind

As you renovate your rental space, consider the needs of as many guests as possible as you design. Creating a more accessible unit expands your available guest audience. Consider ramps instead of stairways when you’re able to, or include lowered sinks, toilets, or mirrors in the bathroom to add accessibility for families with young kids. You also want to ensure that any stairwells or doorways are wide enough for guests who are undoubtedly bringing some luggage along with them for the stay.

Celebrate Your Community in the Décor

For the finishing touches of your remodeling, consider adding a (subtle) theme to your décor. Often, Airbnb guests travel to see family members, get away for a long weekend, or simply experience someplace new. In your remodel, include small flourishes that you believe reflect the community, culture, or history of the area in which your guests are staying. Some hosts share their families’ stories through pictures and paintings, while others include more rustic or modernist aesthetics that reflect the local look.

These tips to help you create a captivating Airbnb home are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating an experience people love. Remember that you can’t make every guest happy with your remodeling choices and that at the end of the day, it’s still your space. Include as much personality and personal taste as you see fit for this kind of remodeling project.