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Automated garage doors are mostly the same across the board, unlike the past’s manual, wooden garage doors. Those doors were all uniquely designed and could be hand-carved in different patterns to suit your desires. There are a few unique ways to personalize your garage door. If you happen to own an automated version, here is the list of what you could find.

Vertical and Horizontal Columns

If you’re looking to add more light to your garage space, this is a wise move. You can let the light in without all the weather, bugs, and neighbors in your driveway. Using this as an office space or even a greenhouse. You could make an additional lounge or den out of it. The possibilities are endless.

Centered and Off-Centered

If you only want one pane of glass or multiples for additional strength and weather-tight sealing, you could add that. Or, if you wanted one pane centered on your door, like what you might find on a front door for viewing outside the house, which is another option. You can even choose to have the glass pane off-centered if a different spot is better for you overall.

Clear or Obscured Glass

If you wanted, you could use tinted glass so the light could be easy on your eyes. Or, if you wanted to get funky, you could use different types of obscured glass, like stained glass, for a more artistic feel. This is why your decisions are important when choosing the right materials to construct your garage door. You’re looking out for your needs and wants.

There are several unique ways to personalize your garage door, but that doesn’t mean that they will all be a good fit. Make sure you’re doing your research on what you want, the type of garage door you have, and what the compatibility of those materials.