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Having quality airflow in your home is essential to keep the air fresh, reduce moisture, regulate indoor temperatures, and minimize air pollutants. Does the air in your home feel stale, or are you experiencing issues with airflow? You can improve airflow in your home with a few simple steps, so you can breathe clean air year-round.

Open Windows and Doors

The quickest and fastest way to increase the airflow inside your home is to open any windows and doors. Opening windows across from each other will create a cross-breeze and sweep in tons of fresh air. However, we only recommend doing this when the weather is nice, and there isn’t a high pollen count.

Turn On Ceiling Fans

Turn on your ceiling fans to circulate that fresh outdoor air you’re pulling in from the open windows. You should also turn the fans on, even if the windows aren’t open, because it can help move the air throughout your home. Remember the cardinal rule of ceiling fans; the fan should spin counterclockwise to push cool air down in the summer and clockwise in the winter to redistribute warm air.

Double-Check Vents and Registers

Anytime something clogs your vents and registers, it prevents airflow to your home. It’s essential to double-check these components occasionally to ensure they’re clean and free from debris. Without these open and clean vents and registers, your home wouldn’t have sufficient air.

Clean Out Air Ducts

Pollen, mold, dust particles, and other debris will accumulate inside the home when homeowners neglect to clean their air ducts. These air ducts are what your air travels through to distribute air throughout the home. Therefore, cleaning them is crucial to ensure the air is fresh and clean. Knowing what time of year is best for air duct cleaning can help determine when to hire a professional service.

Perform Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is necessary to help distribute and produce cool or warm air efficiently. In fact, maintaining your HVAC system can help prevent a high monthly energy bill. You should schedule this service once a year to ensure the system runs accordingly.

You can improve the airflow in your home in no time with the help above. Maintenance is key; however, so is opening your windows and turning on your ceiling fans. You deserve fresh, clean, and breathable air! Make that happen with the above tips.