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Looking for Bathroom Remodelers In The Dallas Area?

70% of Homeowners like you believe that their Bathroom brings a lot of value to their home.  That’s why it was ranked #1 room to be remodeled by homeowners.  There several different ways to upgrade your bathroom in 2021.  Here are a few ideas!

  • 1 Day Bath Solutions
  • Walk-In Tub Remodel
  • Shower To Tub Conversion
  • Tub To Shower Conversion
  • Full Custom Remodel

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1-Day Bath Remodels

It only takes us 1 day to install bath liners, bathtubs, showers, and more.

Financing Offered By Most Contractors

Get great rates directly from the contractor or use a trusted Helloproject partner.

Vetted and Insured Contractors

Save time by trusting the companies that do your work!  HelloProject has vetted each contractor we send your way!

Shower Remodeling

Re-do your shower by replacing the walls, floors and fixtures. Or update with a shower liner!

Shower & Tub Liners

Update your bathroom with a new cost-effective shower liner or tub liner.

Tub Fitters

Our simple, yet stylish tub fitters make bathtub refinishing easy in less than a day.

Bath to Shower Conversions

Convert your tub into a shower or your shower to a bath in just 1 day.

Bath Refinishing

Get fast, affordable shower and bathtub refinishing without messy demolition.

Fast Response

As soon as you submit your request you’ll be contacted in less than 20 mins in most cases by a local contractor.

Don’t Take Our Word For It, See What Our Users Are Saying!

Kyle of Dallas, TX

In March 2021 we started searching for contractors that can help us with our bathroom remodel. We didn't quite know how difficult it was to find a contractor we could trust. HelloProject connected us with 3 different contractors who all offered competitive pricing, educated us on their product, and ultimately gave us a great bathroom that got installed in May.

Casey of Plano, TX

HelloProject connected us with amazing contractors in our area that I had never heard of. The contractor we went with was fast and offered us amazing financing terms that made getting the remodel possible.

Zack of Fort Worth, TX

Never using Homeadvisor again. HelloProject set the bar high, unlike the other contractor search tools I've used, HelloProject gave me the confidence in finding a vetted contractor that was in my budget.

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