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No matter how small your bathroom is, it must live to its full potential. To achieve the latter condition, the crucial room must integrate basics such as faucets, sinks, and bathing area amongst many other vital fixtures.

As much as you may create extra space in your living room by eliminating an extra chair or table, it is impossible to use a bathroom without a toilet. So what do you do to make your small bathroom feel big? For starters, there are crucial areas you should focus on and things you should do when remodeling a small bathroom.

Here are some of them.

Use lots of White

White color has an amazing tendency of making small rooms look spacious. This is because white color naturally recedes an aspect that makes space look bigger. More importantly, this hue reflects light rather than absorbing it.

That’s why when remodeling a small bathroom to feel big, you need to add a white tile backsplash and paint the walls white. With the many white fixtures like the sink and toilet already in place, making your bathroom brighter with the color need not be a daunting undertaking. Make sure you integrate white on all the surfaces to create a seamless look and make the space look as airy as possible.

BathroomInstall a Larger Mirror

This is an inexpensive technique when remodeling a small bathroom to make it feel big. According to real estate experts, big mirrors do not only create an illusion of a larger space but also reflect more light back to your bathroom. That’s why dialing up the size of your mirror makes your small bathroom feel less claustrophobic. Get a wall mirror that is approximately 5 feet long and 3 feet high. Always remember mirrors can easily be installed with just a cordless drill and a few screws.

Increase Natural Light

It is clear right from the start that light makes small rooms feel bigger. That’s why introducing natural light to your small bathroom is a great plus. Install windows and skylights to increase the entry of natural lights in these crucial rooms. If these features are already there but are covered with dirt, make sure to clean them. Remove moss from skylight surfaces by scrubbing them with a brush, mild detergent, and warm water. With these adjustments, rest assured your small bathroom will seem spacious.

Small BathroomA Floating Vanity is Important

Is your bathroom too small and posing a challenge to balance your storage needs with the desire for space to breathe? Integrating a floating vanity provides a lasting solution to this problem. By integrating this feature, you create plenty of room to store your bathroom-related essentials. In a confined space that limits even the mobility of your feet, a vanity makes a big difference and makes the bathroom feel a notch more open. It a unique technique that will go a long way when remodeling a small bathroom to feel big.

Final Thought

Different homes come with different bathroom sizes—some small some big. If you fall into the former category, there is no need to feel bad about it. Embrace the above techniques and for sure the room will feel bigger. Many people have embraced the above processes and succeeded.

For more information on remodeling a small bathroom to make it feel big, contact us.