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Looking To Upgrade Your Garage With A New Floor?

Get the garage of your dreams by finding a local flooring installer who uses Polyaspartic coating.  Homeowners across the US are upgrading their flooring to Polyaspartic or Epoxy.

  • A versatile install gives you a custom look that is truly unique
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  • UV stable topcoat maintains a high gloss finish that doesn’t yellow or fades over time

HelloProject has been working with epoxy and polyaspartic coating for years and have helped several homeowners find local installers

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1-Day Install Options

Our process gives us options to fit your renovation needs.

Financing Offered By Most Contractors

Get great rates directly from the contractor or use a trusted Helloproject partner.

Vetted and Insured Contractors

Save time by trusting the companies that do your work!  HelloProject has vetted each contractor we send your way!

Polyaspartic Floor Coating

A rapid floor coating technology that is scratch resistance and UV resistance.


100% Flake Floor

Widely popular floor covering that is UV resistance, rapid cure time, and looks great.  Use in garages, pools, and basements!

Solid Epoxy Flooring

A traditional solid epoxy floor coating with great anti-slip traction, AND is easy on the budget.

Decorative Marbled Epoxy

Get a unique and custom marbled floor with a metallic epoxy that is available in multiple colors.

Concrete Resurfacing

Update your concrete around your pool, driveway, sidewalks with a polyaspartic flake floor system for a quick update.

Fast Response

As soon as you submit your request you’ll be contacted in less than 20 mins in most cases by a local contractor.

See How You Can Upgrade Your Space With Concrete Coating

Make It Your Space





Pool Decks

Commercial Floors

Endless Possibilities

Need Some Ideas?  Check Out Inspiration Corner

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