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The bathroom is the first room you enter after waking up in the morning, and when you get home from work. On the other hand, the kitchen is equally [if not more] important, and no wonder it is one of the highly-trafficked rooms in your home. That said, the flooring options you choose for these rooms must be highly resistant to high foot traffic and constant spills and stains. Below, we take a look at the 3 best flooring materials that most floor remodeling contractors recommend for use in these two essential rooms in a home.

Vinyl Flooring Option

Vinyl is known for its resilience and ranks as one of the best flooring for the kitchen. An advantage of using vinyl is that it comes in a range of colors and styles. Home owners can choose from vinyl sheets, planks, or tiles if you are doing a flooring makeover on a budget.

An upside to finding the best vinyl plank flooring option is that it has high water resistance and low maintenance. Additionally, cleaning up spills and stains is effortless. Regardless of whether you choose vinyl tiles, sheets, or planks, you will find them in a wide range of colors. This makes it easy to select the best flooring that matches your taste.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Option

While you may find the best laminate flooring option for your bathroom, professional floor remodeling contractors prefer [and implore many property owners to use porcelain or ceramic tiles in their bathrooms. Tiles are not only affordable, but they come in a range of colors, patterns, shapes, and textures that you can integrate in your bathroom to achieve a personalized touch.

Some advantages of using porcelain tile are that they are easy to clean and can resist stagnant water. Like natural stone, tile can be cold to the feet, but you can install radiant floor heating to achieve the best flooring with sufficient warmth and comfort.

Cork Flooring Option

One of the best flooring ideas, cork features natural wood and eco-friendly elements that make it comfortable to the feet. Cork is manufactured from the bark of the cork trees, which takes a short while to grow back, perhaps why it ranks among the best flooring options for environmentally aware homeowners.

Bathroom and kitchen are water prone areas. For this reason, floor remodeling contractors will seal the cork flooring after installation to make it waterproof. It would also help ensure that the cork material you choose is warranted and recommended for use in the kitchen or bathroom.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring

The floor is never low key; it is one of the most conspicuous aspects of the home. Therefore, you need to ensure you find something stylish. However, it would help if you considered other factors, especially when looking for the best flooring ideas for the kitchen or bathroom.


Flooring materials are last for years. Manufacturers make wood and cork flooring options from more rigid materials to offer the desired longevity. Furthermore, floor remodeling contractors will apply a protective seal to make it resistant to stains and spills to extend its durability further.


The flooring material cost is a matter of concern, especially if the project involves multiple renovations. Luckily, vinyl is affordable and comes in sheets and planks. Instead, you can choose laminate flooring and still get a variety of colors and styles. For versatility, you might want to choose bamboo flooring.


Choose an Flooring Option that is Easy to Maintenance

Most householders prefer low-maintenance kitchen and bathroom flooring. Fortunately, there are various flooring options for that, including vinyl, hardwood, natural stone, and linoleum.

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