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Kitchen Remodeling

Things To Check When Buying a Refrigerator

Things To Check When Buying a Refrigerator

Sometimes you need to buy new appliances for your kitchen. Whether you’re performing an extensive kitchen remodel or wanting to upgrade things when you buy a new home, getting a new refrigerator isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. To make things easier during this challenging period, here are some helpful things to check for when buying a refrigerator to help you make the best possible decision.

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Cool Ways To Change Up Your Kitchen Backsplash

Cool Ways To Change Up Your Kitchen Backsplash

When renovating your kitchen, every detail counts. The improvements you make won’t just affect your overall aesthetic; they can also influence your home’s overall value. Small upgrades, like adding or changing a backsplash, can make or break your kitchen’s appearance and function.

If you’re looking for cool ways to change up your kitchen backsplash, think outside the box. Updating this feature in an interesting fashion will help tie your entire design together.

Add a Rustic Touch With Reclaimed Wood

You can’t go wrong with a rustic kitchen. These beautifully styled areas add the perfect amount of charm and cozy luxury. During your kitchen renovations, consider adding a reclaimed wood backsplash to accentuate this aesthetic.

Using barn siding as an accent isn’t just a good style choice—it’s also sustainable. If you seal your reclaimed wood backsplash and keep it dry, it will remain in top condition. In addition, mixing lumber species will create dimension and add a dynamic flair.

Install a Window To Let the Light In

Are you looking for a design feature that sets your kitchen apart from the rest? Change up your kitchen backsplash by installing windows. These features look best behind sinks and stoves, allowing light to brighten your space.

Check local codes to ensure your new windows won’t break regulations. Otherwise, window backsplashes will give you a gorgeous view of nature. Decorate your windowsill with plants to add a healthy, earthly touch.

Use a Mirror Effect To Open Your Space

Nobody enjoys cooking or eating in a small, cramped kitchen, and lighting can only do so much to open your space. If you need some assistance, mirrored backsplashes will create an illusion of a larger interior.

Use antique mirrors to add some vintage glamor. Stainless steel with a mirrored surface will add an industrial twist to both modern and rustic spaces. If you really want to make things bright and spacious, renovate your kitchen with white walls, light cabinetry, and a reflective backsplash.

Add Function With a Pegboard Backsplash

Of course, the aesthetic is just one part of home improvements. To make your interior work for your design, you should also keep function in mind. Incorporate a pegboard backsplash to create a multipurpose kitchen feature.

Pegboard backsplashes are great for homeowners who need a little extra storage. Free up your cabinets and drawers by hanging spatulas, tongs, and other utensils. Not only will a pegboard backsplash give you more room to work with, but it will also give you easy access to your cooking accessories.

Your kitchen backsplash options are nearly endless. Don’t forget this detail when planning a kitchen renovation; with the right design, you add aesthetic and functional value that will benefit your family and future buyers.

What To Know About Renovating Your Kitchen

What To Know About Renovating Your Kitchen

Summer is the perfect time to consider updating your home—the weather is nice, and the kids can entertain themselves by playing outside while you work. However, it’s a good idea to make a plan before jumping into a lengthy renovation, especially if you’re looking to update your kitchen. Here’s what you need to know about renovating your kitchen so that you can avoid any costly mistakes.

Keep Resale Value in Mind

You should definitely remodel your kitchen to suit your own tastes, but remember that you may sell your house at some point. An eclectic style is great for creating that magazine-ready home, but it can hurt your chances of finding a buyer later down the road. To get the best of both worlds, keep your design essentials classic and modern and let the decorations express your style idiosyncrasies.

Consider Your Needs

Keeping up with the neighbors isn’t always the best reason to upgrade your home. For example, if you don’t enjoy cooking, why install double ovens? Always take time to consider what you need from your kitchen and how you can best fulfill that need through a renovation.

However, if you’re renovating specifically because you’re trying to sell your home soon, a fully upgraded kitchen is a fantastic way to add value to your house.

Add More Light

If your home has a small kitchen, don’t be afraid to make changes. Even the tiniest kitchen can look bigger if you add more light by changing the fixtures and knocking out unnecessary walls. Older homes are especially notorious for closed-off spaces that keep the kitchen disconnected from the rest of the house. Making sure natural light reaches your kitchen will make a world of difference.

Make Modern Upgrades

One of the most important things to know about renovating your kitchen is that sometimes, all your home needs is a face-lift, not reconstructive surgery. Upgrading an old stove, refinishing the cabinets, and changing out the hardware to a modern metallic such as gold or copper can instantly make your kitchen feel newer and more luxurious.

Renovating your kitchen can be both exciting and nerve-racking, but it shouldn’t be a mystery! We hope this list of tips and tricks proves useful for your next home renovation.

Features That Date Your Kitchen and How To Fix Them

When was the last time you renovated your home house? If it’s been a while, it’s time to voice your opinion and have your way with the house. You might not mind an outdated kitchen, but making updates to your kitchen is crucial, especially if it has certain features that are dating it. Here are the features that often date a kitchen and how to upgrade them.

Old Appliances

An outdated kitchen starts with updated appliances. If you’re strapped to a budget for your kitchen remodel, you may need to upgrade one thing at a time. For example, modern range hoods are excellent additions to kitchens for ventilation. They enhance the home because they’re slimmer and easier to maintain than older models.

Minimal Backsplash

Backsplash is still among the most popular wall coverings. However, applying the backsplash incorrectly can hurt the value of your home. A backsplash that covers only a portion of the wall was a fad that was popular in the early 2000s. However, now that we’re in a new decade, minimal backsplash isn’t as popular as before. Now, homeowners like the look of backsplash that extends from the stove or sink all the way up to the cabinets.

Cluttered Layout

Open layouts allow more room to organize your kitchen utensils and appliances. Even if your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of square footage, an open layout visually adds to the available space. A feature such as an island also adds counter space to provide the modern home chef with more space for stress-free cooking—without cluttering the room.

Laminate and Tile Countertops

Countertops made from inexpensive laminate or tile date your home, and they need to go. A high-quality material such as granite or quartz will make the kitchen feel renewed. Stick to modern materials that fit your price range.

Certain features in your kitchen may date it, and you need to know how to fix them. Every modern chef needs a space that’s convenient and in operable condition, so consider updating your kitchen.

How To Create an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Kitchen

Environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyles offer a range of benefits to both you and the planet. An eco-friendly lifestyle helps reduce waste production, pollution, and the use of natural resources, creating healthier living conditions. If you’re looking to implement and live a more sustainable and eco-conscious life, improving your home with an eco-friendly upgrade makes the transition easier and more attainable. One of the best places to start an environmentally friendly renovation is the kitchen. Here is how to create an eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen to help you transition into a more environmentally conscious way of living.

Sustainably Sourced Floors

Set the groundwork for your eco upgrade with sustainable floors. Engineered hardwood reigns as one of the most sustainable flooring options available. Under their gorgeous veneer of solid hardwood, their core consists of compressed recycled wood scraps and fibers, reducing the number of trees needed to be cut down and the amount of waste in landfills. On top of their sustainable production process, engineered wood also holds the desirable qualities that make up the best flooring solution for your kitchen needs.

Recycled and Repurposed Materials

Out with the new and in with the old. Many items and materials can be repurposed and made “like new” again. From your countertops to your cabinets and backsplash, various design features of your kitchen can consist of repurposed and recycled materials without compromising functionality or appearance.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Not all items in a sustainable kitchen need to be old or recycled. A majority of the latest technology consists of updated features that allow gadgets to function more efficiently and sustainably than older versions. Energy-efficient appliances like energy-saving fridges, dishwashers, and induction stovetops use less energy and water while still operating optimally, producing high-quality results. Adding specialized eco-friendly technology with other solutions to make your home more energy-efficient reduces not only your energy consumption but also your energy bills.

Compost and Recycle Bins

Including compost and recycle bins in your eco-friendly kitchen remodel helps you practice and implement sustainable conventions in your daily routine. Many fear that adding a compost bin will stink up the kitchen. However, numerous high-tech compost bins are specifically designed to seal smells and operate to their full potential. There are also various ways to use the compost you create, from at-home fertilization to local garden donations.

Creating an eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen takes into account the items used and future lifestyle changes you’ll make from living a more environmentally conscious life. As long as you stick to the three main concepts of environmentalism—reduce, reuse, and recycle—you can transform any room into a more sustainable space.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re remodeling or building a new kitchen for your home, choosing cabinetry is one of the most critical decisions you must make. The wrong choice can throw off the entire kitchen, so we’ve put together some questions to ask before choosing kitchen cabinets so you can narrow down your options and come away with the ideal cabinets!

What Style Is My Kitchen?

You should first ask yourself what kind of style your kitchen is that your cabinets will have to fit into and enhance. Do you want a modern and minimalist feel or something more traditional and vintage?

If you’re looking to go modern, full-overlay cabinets with flush slab doors provide a smooth and sleek appearance with clean lines. Or, if you like the retro look, inset cabinets are trendy again, especially for white farmhouse kitchens that remind you of the old days.

What Is My Kitchen’s Color Palette?

Choosing your kitchen’s style includes selecting the color palette. Some wood grains and cabinets look better with darker colors and others with lighter ones, so it’s good to decide what colors you want before choosing cabinets instead of the other way around.

For instance, modern kitchen designs typically include eye-popping colors on their cabinets to make them stand out or use the natural color of the raw materials. In contrast, traditional kitchens are more likely to go with muted and neutral colors that blend in more than stand out.

What Is My Budget for New Cabinets?

In an ideal world, we could all get our favorite cabinets for the kitchen, but our budgets always come into the decision-making process. Some cabinets are more expensive than others, like inset or frameless ones, but one of the advantages of buying wholesale cabinets directly from the manufacturer instead of a big-box store is that they’re more cost-effective.

Wholesale kitchen cabinets cut out the middleman retailer, which means more money in your pocket and a bigger budget for your new cabinets!

How Much Space Do I Have?

The layout and size of your kitchen will also influence your decision when it comes to the cabinets. You’ll probably want to consider cabinets that work well in smaller spaces and offer more storage if your kitchen is smaller.

Frameless cabinets, for instance, have a few more inches on the margins than framed cabinetry. It may not seem like much, but a few inches here and there can make a big difference when storage is a priority!

These are just a few questions to ask yourself before choosing kitchen cabinets, but there are many more. Whatever type of cabinet you choose, ensure that it’s one you love because, after all, you’re the one who will be looking at them every day!

Choosing the Best Stove, Oven, or Range for Your Home

Choosing the Best Stove, Oven, or Range for Your Home

Ovens, stoves, and ranges are the same thing to most people, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Each of them has particular purposes that assist with everyday cooking. If you’re not aware of the differences, you might waste your time and money. This article is a guide for choosing the best stove, oven, or range for your home.

What’s the Difference?

An oven can use either gas or electricity to cook your food and uses a chamber to do so. There are wall ovens, home ovens, and industrial ovens, but everyday homes use either home or wall ovens.

A stove has a chamber to cook with as an oven does. However, it also has a stovetop for multi-purpose cooking. All stoves and ranges have an oven chamber combined with a stovetop. However, a range will typically have more burners than a stove. For example, while a stove will have about four burners, a range will have six, eight, or even 10.

Oven: Pros and Cons

It is becoming more and more popular to stack wall ovens on top of each other in our current time. These multi chambers allow for easier access to food without having to bend over, and they come with the benefit of being able to cook multiple meals at once. This is great if you have a large family or entertain guests often.

However, an oven on its own isn’t enough for most people, and stacked wall ovens are expensive. So, while it may be worth it if you cook a lot of food, stacked ovens usually aren’t a viable option for the everyday person.

Stove: Pros and Cons

Stoves are generally the most economical option for the everyday homeowner, as stoves combines a stovetop and an oven into one appliance. You can still cook multiple foods simultaneously without having to prioritize one over the other.

Unfortunately, you may find yourself running around to make space if you’re cooking for multiple people, so you’ll have to plan and prioritize cook times as well as what needs to come out first. While this is the cheapest option, it simply isn’t enough for some families.

Range: Pros and Cons

Ranges are the most expensive option, as they come with the largest oven and the most burners. However, they are beautiful appliances, as they can be seamlessly installed into countertops. Cooking for a large crowd or family is easy with a range. You don’t have to worry about stovetop space or stacking any ovens.

Ultimately, it is an excellent long-term investment if you have the budget for it.

Hopefully, choosing the best stove, oven, or range for your home will become a little bit easier for you. Just remember to consider your budget, how much you cook, and how many people need to be served. Whichever appliance you choose to cook your meals, make it with love, and make it delicious!

Reasons You Should Have a Range Hood in Your Kitchen

Reasons You Should Have a Range Hood in Your Kitchen

Remodeling is a great time to consider the appliances you actually use in your kitchen. You may have discovered that you never use the panini press you got at your housewarming party and decide to get rid of it. Or you may have become a baking fiend and decide you want double ovens. An appliance that you may not already have but should consider adding during a kitchen remodel is a range hood. Keep reading to learn the beneficial reasons you should have a range hood in your kitchen.

Improved Safety

Perhaps the biggest reason to have a range hood is the improved safety. Instead of smoke and steam filling your kitchen as you cook, your range hood will whisk all the fumes away, allowing you to see and breathe easier. This will keep you and everyone else in the kitchen safer and healthier. If you cook with a gas stove, a range hood will be extra beneficial since it can help clean carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases out of the air.

Better Surface Protection

A range hood won’t just whisk smells away; it’ll help get rid of grease and other cooking residues that would normally dirty up your kitchen surfaces. You may not think that’s much of a benefit since you clean up after you cook anyway, but absorbing grease is about more than normal cleaning. If the grease gets onto the sides of your cabinets, then it can soak into the wood. Scrubbing wood is a time-consuming and damaging process if you do it wrong. So if you invest in a range hood at the start, then the grease will get pulled into the appliance instead of your cabinets.

Pleasing Aesthetics

While safety for people and protection for your kitchen surfaces are the most important benefits of having a range hood, you probably have a certain aesthetic in mind for a remodel. A range hood can complement that, too. There are many different types of range hoods, each with a different look. Therefore, you can find one that fits well in your space. You can choose a wall-mounted range hood as a statement piece, hide an under-cabinet range hood for a lower profile, or choose another option that works best with your kitchen aesthetics and layout.

Improved safety, better surface protection, and pleasing aesthetics are three reasons you should have a range hood in your kitchen. You may want to see and breathe easier, avoid deep cleaning your cabinets, and have a unique statement piece in your cooking area. If so, you should get a range hood. It’s an excellent appliance for you to add during a remodel.

Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

Now and then, our kitchens need a little revamping—but that doesn’t have to mean knocking down walls and hammering into granite. Take a look at these ways to spruce up your kitchen without remodeling and explore the various ways you can breathe new life into this wonderful area of your home.

Hit the Walls With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to spice things up in your kitchen without having to do any significant renovations. You’d be surprised at how much a vibrant new color can do to make a dilapidated space dynamic and stylish. You can keep things simple by selecting one shade to paint the whole room, or if you’re going for something a little bolder, you can incorporate a stylish accent wall. Either way, this small renovation can add more form and function to your kitchen.

Have Your Cabinets Refaced

It’s no secret that cabinetry can quickly become a focal point in any kitchen if it’s gorgeous enough. But what you might not know is that you don’t need to replace it entirely to get the beautiful, eye-catching cabinets you deserve. Instead, call up a painting contractor and have them reface or repaint your cabinets. The refacing process entails smoothing over old cabinet doors and making them the precise aesthetic and color you’re looking to achieve.

Add Some New Lighting

Adding new lighting is another fantastic way to spice up your kitchen’s appearance. Like all the other updates mentioned in this list, the best part about switching up your lighting is that it doesn’t require a complete restoration. Instead, you can pick out a few new fixtures to accentuate your kitchen’s best features. For instance, some warm can lights might be just what you need to bring more attention to that beautiful granite island you already have. Or maybe you’d like to get a funky chandelier to hang over your breakfast table. However you choose to light this area of your home, using a few new fixtures to highlight your favorite space is a fabulous way to go.

Hopefully, scanning this quick overview of ways to spruce up your kitchen without remodeling has provided you with the inspiration you need to refresh this part of your home without having to tear it apart.

Four Reasons Why You Need to Renovate Your Kitchen Now

Like in many homes, your kitchen is probably the room that hosts the most activities. Besides the usual cooking and eating, a lot goes on here, including sharing hearty stories and even making serious life decisions. However, if your kitchen is not inviting, you might not be able to enjoy spending your time there. Take, for example, your kitchen has been around for too long. The cabinets, countertops and fittings such as the sinks may be old and ugly due to normal wear and tear. To restore your kitchen’s charm, you need to renovate your kitchen and HelloProject is ready to connect you to a professional near you. Our kitchen remodelers will turn your kitchen into a stylish, functional, and visually appealing space. 

kitchen renovation4 Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen

To Enhance Your Kitchen’s Functionality and Convenience

You should plan to upgrade your kitchen if you want to create more space for your family’s growing needs. As your family grows, your household needs also change proportionately. For example, you might need more storage, a larger cabinet and seating space, a bigger refrigerator, or more burner options. Perhaps you live with your elderly or ailing parents who are prone to losing balance and slipping. It is important that you renovate your kitchen by incorporating some grabs to support them. Also, homeowners whose children have just started crawling may need to install higher cabinets to store medicine and some dangerous appliances. 

Renovate Your Kitchen to Improve Your Home’s Value

A beautiful, newly remodeled kitchen adds significant value to your home, enhancing its marketability. It is also more appealing to a home buyer than a dull, outdated, and boring space. In fact, most homeowners list their freshly transformed kitchen as the feature that attracts quick and optimum sales. 

To Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances and Fixtures

Maybe you prefer quartz countertops to linoleum ones. Or perhaps you have noticed several cracks on the cabinets, and peeling wall paints. You may also be stuck with numerous outdated appliances which do not encourage gourmet cooking or morning family conversations. Choosing to renovate your kitchen will go a long way in solving these inconveniences. The renovation might include replacing the outdated or worn-out fixtures with new, quality, and functional models. Your kitchen remodeling contractor will guide you through the numerous options at your disposal and even help you make an informed decision. 

kitchen renovationEnhance Your Homes Energy Efficiency

If you have been looking for ways to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, the kitchen might be the best place to start. Most homeowners are turning to energy-efficient appliances for their kitchens to help save on their utility bills. Some of these include modern microwaves, energy-saving refrigerators, dishwashers, slow cookers, and fan-forced ovens with great insulation. Besides, renovating your kitchen will help you create more space for these appliances.

A renovation is integral in keeping your kitchen functional and stylish. At HelloProjectusa, our primary goal is to help you renovate your kitchen smoothly, quickly, and in the most convenient way. You only need to call us at 800.900.7875 or fill our web form with details about what you need done. We will connect you with the best kitchen remodeling contractors in the industry, who will guarantee you nothing short of quality services.