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It might seem obvious, but if you’re looking for new ideas to give your home a glow-up, check out home improvement on the Internet! It involves more than looking up a new piece of furniture or a paint scheme. With a little bit of digging, you can find plenty of ways to beautify your living space and discover a few more ideas along the way. Here are ways the Internet sparks home improvement inspiration and can turn your little ideas into grand plans!


The next time you order something online, look beyond the inventory part of the site. If you “wander” around most home improvement websites, you’ll find a lot of extra things. Big and little department stores often have calendars announcing in-store and online events. Such events are great opportunities to learn new design techniques, hear from experts, and see demonstrations applicable to your home. Websites can also run articles, host Q&A sections, and show comments and reviews from other customers. More practically, you’ll discover home repair and protection ideas, such as reasons to weatherproof your home.


A blog, or web log, is an online diary or journal covering a person or place’s everyday activities. It can be so much more than that for home improvement. Millions of people devote themselves to upgrading their homes or building new ones. Blogs provide personal stories, photos, and more info you can delve into and learn from when working on your home. Additionally, there’s always a person running blogs, and they’re happy to answer questions by email or through the comments.

Social Media

While blogs are a form of social media, they’re more about written content. If you’re looking for a quick series of new ideas to electrify your imagination, you can’t beat social media for home décor ideas. Instagram and Pinterest provide a cornucopia of curated photos and videos you can scroll through endlessly. Type in your subject matter or find an appropriate hashtag that will take you through a gallery of home improvement notions that never occurred to you!

Video Sharing Sites

Another way the Internet sparks home improvement inspiration is with video sharing sites. It’s always best to learn from someone firsthand. When that person can’t be at your elbow, having them on call or on video is the next best thing. Online videos can be homemade and created by one person or professionally produced courses by experts. They provide greater immediacy and simulate the sort of give-and-take that inspires great home improvement ideas!