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The kitchen is the powerhouse for any family. It’s the center of nourishment and good health. If you “eat to live,” then, it goes without saying, you live to cook. As such, you don’t want a cluttered and chaotic kitchen. Your kitchen cannot be your little awkward secret. Firstly, this where you do your food prep, try new recipes, cook, and store food. Secondly, your cooking equipment is also there. Not to mention it’s a place that aims to family together for stories and authentic food experience. For this reasoson, you need a perfect kitchen layout and the right kitchen remodeling experts. Here are the most functional kitchen layouts that match your home improvements needs in 2021. 

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

If you are looking for a kitchn design that brings about balance and symmetry, a U-shaped layout will meet your needs. This kitchen design creates a work triangle that allows smooth workflow between the major elements of the kitchen. You will work with a three-walled layout with flawless access to the sink, refrigerator, and cooking equipment. This kitchen layout creates the most counter space as you have room to exploit the space available. You can fit cabinets and shelves that will handle your crockery and dinnerware. 

L-Shaped Kitchens

This kitchen design is among the 2021 kitchen trends and offers an efficient work area and an option to have a door that leads to a nearby room. You can easily keep in touch with your guests with that the door open. The design works with two adjacent walls that form an L-shape. Its constructed to host cabinetry, the sink, countertop, storage, and major appliances. You also get room to have a kitchen island depending on the available space. The majority of kitchen remodeling experts tend to provide multiple suggestions for the most ideal décor for your kitchen.

Kitchen layout Galley Kitchen Design

This is one of the leading kitchen trends where homeowners have limited space and hence managing and improvising a narrow space between two walls becomes a necessity. You don’t have to give up if there is a space management issue in your house. The layout creates two workstations with one side hosting the cooking and kitchen appliances while the other side hosts the meal prepping features and the sink. 

Peninsula Kitchen Layout

This is another space-hack model that creates room for an island attached to a wall if there is no space for a detached island. It attains the look of a modified L-shaped layout or U-shaped layout. Attaching the island to the wall creates a distinctive sense of separate spaces from the adjacent dining room or living room area. The peninsula design creates an extra surface for cabinets, racks, and drawers. Additionally, you can also use the peninsula countertop for food prep, dining, and holding containers.

kitchen One-wall kitchen Layout & Design

This is one of the trendy kitchen ideas among homeowners due to its simplicity. As such, it is structured to accomplish the basics without taking way too much space in the house. All the basic components of a kitchen are arranged on one wall. There is a one-dimensional transit as you have access to cooking appliances, refrigerator, sink, countertops, and cabinets. Your work service is arrayed on one wall. The overall input is cost-friendly as you accomplish all your kitchen needs.

This ultimate guide shows you the five most popular kitchen layouts in 2021. Need professional kitchen remodeling experts? Call HelloProjectusa at 800.900.7875 or fill our online contact form today for a certified and trusted expert. We will find for you the best kitchen designer that matches all your needs.