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We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but what about summer cleaning? It’s more popular than you think, and homeowners can gear all their efforts to the outside areas of their home instead of the interior. Plus, a quick spruce up and polish helps boost the curb appeal of any home. Check out these tips on how to clean the exterior of your property safely.

Study the Layout

You may know your home, but there could be some areas you’re not 100 percent familiar with. Don’t worry. You’re not the only homeowner slightly in the dark about their property. Pull up the plans of your home to see where all the key elements are.

You don’t want to start cleaning the air without knowing the lay of the land. See if there are any gas or pipelines you need to know about. These are also locations you can check out to make sure there’s no damage to them. Once you know where the big players are, you can map out what areas to tackle and clean up first.

Look Out for Squatters

Animals may not get inside your home, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t set up shop in the exterior somewhere. Rain gutters or lighting fixtures might seem like the perfect places for birds to build a nest. Look at the driver vent as well because you might have acquired a couple of stragglers.

Check out your home’s exterior thoroughly. Look for any signs that may show animals have used your home as their base. If that’s the case, you can’t clean it immediately and disturb their space. You may need to call an exterminator or technician to come out and help remove the animals from your property. Never attempt to do it yourself.

Choose a Method

Once you’ve confirmed the property is safe and closed off, you need to choose your preferred method of cleaning. You could tackle your home with the standard hose and bucket of water, but that process could take all day and not be as effective.

Consider either pressure or soft washing the exterior of your home. The differences between the two methods could help you determine how you plan to tackle your home. Pressure washing might work better in some areas than soft washing. Soft washing might be better for the wood paneling and window areas.

Keep a Partner Close

When you’re cleaning your home’s exterior, work with a buddy. Don’t attempt to climb the roof or work off a ladder by yourself. Use the buddy system and keep a partner close by. If an accident happens, you need someone to assist you immediately.

And if you’re in trouble, trying to locate your cell phone and wait for help to arrive is not a wise solution. If you live alone, ask a neighbor if they would mind helping you for a little bit. Be sure to offer them a refreshment to keep that neighborly camaraderie flowing.

Stay safe while cleaning the exterior of your property so that you can properly appreciate the outcome.