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Finding and owning a home is often one of the most exciting things for someone to do for the first time. However, there is also so much that you must consider when owning a house—particularly its safety. A lot goes into ensuring the property is safe to live in, which is why it’s crucial that new homeowners have an essential home safety checklist.

Observe the Perimeters

The first thing you want to do is observe the perimeter of your home. Although you own this land now, you’ll still be quite unfamiliar with it for some time. As such, issues you didn’t expect can arise, such as uninvited wildlife guests or unwanted visits from neighbors. These issues are a big part of why you might consider using residential fencing to improve your home’s safety. A fence will keep intruders of all kinds out and give your family the feeling of security they deserve.

Replace All Locks

People will often purchase a home with a storied history and romanticize the home’s past. While that rich history is something we can appreciate, it is also a promising idea to leave some things in the past. One hugely important thing new homeowners should check off of their essential home safety checklist is a lock change. Replacing all locks in your new home ensures no one else has a key to your property.

Look at Your Windows

As you observe the perimeters of your home, you should also double-check your windows. Look for any forms of damage, such as cracks or chips, as these are surefire signs you need to replace your windows. Sometimes we may not notice a faulty window that does not shut completely, which can be an easy entryway for intruders.

What’s more, an insufficient window will create a draft that can result in increased energy bills for your home. Checking that all your windows function properly can help you avoid any issues down the road.