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The lifespan of windows can depend on the type of glass and brand, but in general, windows last between 15 to 20 years. However, incidents and weather can cause damage, forcing you to replace your windows much sooner. Learn how to tell when you need new windows by familiarizing yourself with the different warning signs.

Faulty Window Mechanisms

Take a walk through your house and test each of your windows to see how easily they open and close. They should not catch or stick on anything and should slide up or out easily. If you notice that the frame is no longer allowing the window to function correctly, this is a sign you need new replacements. If you can, replace the windows during a season or month that fits your schedule and is convenient for you so the process is less of a hassle.

Decay and Damage

Wooden window frames are the most susceptible to decay and damage because the weather can affect the integrity of the wood. While other windows are more robust when resisting mold and mildew, it will become inevitable over time, especially when there is a lot of moisture and water involved. Decay and damaged windows threaten your home’s interior, so replace these as quickly as possible.

Excessive Cold Drafts

Are you constantly feeling a cold draft when you walk past your windows or sit near them? This is a sure sign that they might need replacing. Installing new ones should take care of the issue of cold drafts coming inside. Just make sure to choose the right replacement windows!

Heavy Condensation

While condensation on the inside or outside is not necessarily bad for the window, condensation between the two panes of glass is a sure sign you need new windows. If you notice moisture building up inside the two panes, the seal is broken, and outside elements are making their way in. When this happens, your home’s AC, heat, and ventilation will be affected, so replace these windows when you have a chance, or it could cost you more money in energy bills.

Typically, you will not need to replace your windows often, but if you recently bought an older home, take a look around the frame and glass to ensure the windows are still in working condition. If you notice any of these signs, call a contractor to replace them as quickly as possible.

Ready To Get Started On Your Windows?

Get connected with the perfect Windows contractor, for free!