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While a home needs a stable foundation, the structure will deteriorate over time. This is inevitable the older the foundation is. If your home uses a pier foundation, understanding the signs that your pier foundation needs repair is crucial to your home’s integrity. If you notice any of the deterioration signs in this article happening to your foundation, it may be time to contact a home contractor for repairs.

Cracks in the Foundation Walls

When a foundation begins to deteriorate, it can no longer support the same amount of weight. When this happens, the walls of the foundation begin to crack and fissure. This is a sure sign that something isn’t right with your structure.

Damage to Door or Window Frames

Window and door frames are other areas of your home that will begin to see damage from an unstable pier foundation. As the foundation sags, gaps will form in these frames. The more you ignore this sign, the worse these gaps will become.

A Damp or Moist Crawlspace

Pier foundations create a small crawl space in the foundation. This space is susceptible to moisture and water damage. When water seeps into the soil under your foundation, it can cause the earth to shift and weaken. This allows your foundation to settle in the incorrect places. If you notice a damp crawlspace, it could be a sign that your pier foundation needs a repair.

Tilting or Sinking Piers

An obvious sign that your foundation needs repair is when the piers start to tilt or sink into the ground. This happens gradually and is most likely due to the moisture in the crawlspace allowing the foundation to settle incorrectly. You can learn how to tell if a foundation is sinking by the signs above, such as fissures and gaps forming.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew will begin to form under the foundation the longer it remains damp. Once mold forms, it’s a significant sign that you need to start repairs as soon as possible. While there are ways to remove mold and mildew, they will return if you don’t address the moisture and foundation issues first.

Are you noticing any of the above signs occurring to your home’s foundation? Remember to contact your home contractor to see how they can help with repairs. For example, installing anchors like helical pier anchors in the ground is a great way to restabilize a foundation. Understanding helical pier anchors allows you to have an informed discussion about this possibility with your contractor, bringing you closer to a newly stabilized home!