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If you know how to tell if your foundation is sinking, you can remedy the situation before it gets even worse. Keep reading for the signs of a sinking foundation.


In the Foundation

After the first year of construction, a home’s foundation may develop shrinking cracks. These imperfections are perfectly normal, and they’re harmless as long as they don’t grow. However, if you notice that these cracks are growing or that new ones are forming, this is a sign your foundation is sinking. You can also identify a sinking foundation if the cracks are wider at the top than at the bottom.

When you notice these cracks, your first instinct might be to fill them in with concrete. However, while a specialist can install residential helical piers to push the foundation back into place, they won’t work if you’ve filled in the cracks.

In the Walls

Excess moisture or a poor mudding job could cause the walls in your home to crack, but the other cause for this damage is a sinking foundation. Cracks in the corners and by windows and doors are most likely due to failing support. You can tell if these splits are artificial or not by plastering over them. If a crack keeps returning in the same spot, this is a sign of a more significant problem.

Also, a couple of nail pops might be a sign of lousy craftsmanship, but if you have a slew of nail pops near one another, this can often be because of a sinking foundation.

Doors and Window Sticking in Their Frames

In the summer, doors and windows fill with moisture and expand; this can cause them to jam. The easiest way to tell if a sticking door is because of humidity or the foundation is to check its level. An uneven doorframe should cause some concern, but if it’s level, then the problem most likely isn’t with your foundation.

Uneven Floors

If the level of your home is off on the upper floors, then it could be a problem with your structure—but you could also have issues with your support beams or subfloor. However, if your basement isn’t level, there’s a high likelihood of damage to your foundation.

Now that you know how to tell if your foundation is sinking, it might be time to get a specialist to fix it before the problem becomes any worse.