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While new windows are designed to last from 15 to 30 years, there might come a time when you need to replace your home’s current windows. Knowing the right size of the window you need will ensure you purchase the right kind. Purchasing the wrong size of windows could cost you money and time. 

It can be challenging to know how to measure a window for a screen or replacement window. Knowing the size of the window you need is essential, whether you’re ordering windows online or in-store. This blog will show you the best ways to measure your windows. 

Know the Parts of a Window Frame

You need to know the key components of a window frame when replacing your windows. The main elements of a window include:

  • Head: The horizontal piece that goes on the top of the window frame
  • Jamb: The vertical frame pieces that are on both sides of the window frame
  • Sill: The bottom horizontal component 

Window replacement companies use these phrases to show the measurements you need when measuring to replace your windows. 

Check Your Windows for Level, Plumb, and Square

The goal of this step is to ensure that your existing window frame is plumb, square, and level. Replacement windows have 90-degree corners, so you need to be precise with your measurements. These term definitions are as follows:

  • Level: Horizontal straightness
  • Plumb: Vertical straightness
  • Square: 90-degree corners 

You can use a tape measure and level to check these things. 

Measure Window Width

You want to measure your window’s width at three different points – bottom, middle, and top. Make sure you measure from the jamb’s surface, not from the existing window’s trim. Use the smallest of the window width measurements when ordering your new windows

Measure Window Height

You’ll need to measure from the high point of the window sill to the top point of the window opening to check the height. Make three different measurements from each edge and the middle. Like with the window width, you’ll want to use the smallest of your three measurements. 

Measure Window Depth

Measure the jamb depth or frame from the inside face of the window’s interior to get the depth. There needs to be around 3 1/4 inches of depth for the window frame to accept a replacement window. 

Don’t pay attention to the parting strips or pulleys when checking the window depth. These items will be removed when the new window is installed. 

Get Help Learning How to Measure a Window for a Screen

It can be challenging to figure out how to measure a window for a screen or a new window. That’s why partnering with an experienced window installation company is key. Not only will they help you figure out the types of windows you need, but they’ll also make sure you have the right size.

Hello Project is here to assist you with finding a professional window installation business in your area. Our staff carefully pre-selects insured and licensed contractors for our customers. Get started on your free online quote with us to save money on your upcoming project.