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Some homeowners feel embarrassed about the condition of their house’s exterior. With a hectic schedule and copious responsibilities, diagnosing the cause of a diminishing exterior may not be at the top of your to-do list. Perhaps the garage door is the root of the problem. Use these helpful ideas to determine why the garage looks like an eyesore and how you can resolve any issues.

The Door Doesn’t Match the Rest of the House

Passersby notice three things when determining your home’s curb appeal: the landscaping, the condition of the bricks and siding, and the status of the garage door. If the garage door’s design doesn’t match the rest of the house, people will notice instantly.

A contemporary house won’t pair well with a rustic garage door. A bright white garage will look strange when placed next to an ivory entry door. Using brass fixtures when the exterior has chrome hardware will immediately downgrade the design.

The key is to stay consistent. Choose a garage door that complements the current style and color scheme of the house.

The Windows and Door Are Never Clean

Another way for your garage door to stick out is if you never clean the surface. Sun damage, rust spots, dirt, and mildew stains will likely accumulate.

Disregarding frequent garage door cleanings is a quick way to expedite damage and reduce the quality of the door. Try using kitchen detergent, water, and a soft cloth or sponge to cleanse the door and windows.

The Door Sits Unevenly

One of the clear reasons your garage looks like an eyesore is that it sits unevenly. The base of the door doesn’t rest flush on the ground, so it looks rugged.

This appearance is displeasing and dangerous. The garage is most likely unsafe because it no longer rests evenly on the track. You’re also more at risk of an intruder because the house is more accessible to outside threats or pests.

The Garage Emits a Shrieking Sound

Nothing shouts, “The neighbors are home!” quite like a screeching garage door. It’s unpleasant for your household and everyone on the block.

Rather than make each neighbor suffer through the bothersome shrieking garage, tend to the source of the sound. Repairing ailments in a timely fashion will improve the overall condition of the door and make your neighbors like you more.

The Garage Is Falling Apart

Perhaps it’s time to toss out the old door and start fresh. Ignoring a door that’s evidently falling apart will put your family at risk of a future injury.

Follow the dos and don’ts of choosing a new garage door to discover your ideal new door. You can pick the right color, style, and type of insulation to guarantee your garage is no longer a nuisance to the neighborhood.

Don’t let the disarray continue any longer! Take a good look at your garage and pinpoint which component is the cause of the problem. Contact a professional to get you started on your endeavor and eliminate the eyesore swiftly.