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Compare Prices on Your Bathroom Project

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Often, homeowners focus much on improving the more noticeable areas of their house when it comes to home improvement. The front yard, living room, hallways, and even the walls often receive much attention and budget.

The bathroom, on the other hand, is often considered a hidden space and is typically left out of the makeover project.
But times have changed. Householders now desire elegant bathroom ideas and durable bathroom pieces through trendy, smart technologies and sophisticated elements. If you are considering upgrading this corner of your home, here are some bathroom innovations, ideas, and products that will improve the theme and character of your space.

Freestanding Bathtubs: The Best vs. The Affordable

Tubs are great bathroom innovations and can be stellar additions to your home. I mean, sure, showers are handier if you want to clean yourself quickly. But on certain days, don’t you just want to soak yourself in a relaxing tub of bubbly water and let your cares float away?

The Spruce has reviewed some of the most innovative bathroom products, particularly bathtubs. Here are their recommendations:

For most bathrooms in many residential properties, you may notice lateral supports connecting to the walls. Why not attach a freestanding bathtub to that with the Vanity Art VA6815 Bordeaux? This 59.1-inch freestanding tub is a hub of relaxation, comfort, luxury, and functionality. It’s large enough to fit various body sizes, and its acrylic make ensures high durability and longevity.

But if you’re going for affordability, then Kingston Brass Store’s Alcove Bathtub is for you. This budget-friendly, versatile alcove bathtub can easily be nestled between two walls, or you can leave it freestanding as you’d like. Easily attachable to any space, it’s reinforced with fiberglass and resin for added durability, so you get more with less.

Whichever one you choose, these freestanding soaking tubs can provide a deep, quiet, and rejuvenating soak, unlike outdoor Jacuzzis and sunken garden tubs. After all, a peaceful and quiet bath is all we need sometimes.

Modern Sinks: Quality, Durability, and Aesthetics

Sinks are next on our list of bathroom innovations. Modern sinks are now considerate of specific qualities homeowners look for – durability, easy maintenance, aesthetics, and even antibacterial properties. Let’s look at some of these recommendations from MomJunction:

Top quality that one would look for in sinks is durability. Your sink must last a long time, especially if used frequently or installed within a big household. For that, MomJunction recommends the MR Direct Undermount Porcelain Sink. Made of vitreous china, this sink is more durable than your usual porcelain sink due to being fired at high temperatures and its three-layer glaze. It has an undermount installation, which gives it a sleek, modern feel.

On the other hand, having a sink that rejects and kills bacteria and microbes is a game-changer. According to research, copper is a great material, especially for sinks, because it kills disease-causing germs on contact. This is what the SimplyCopper Rustic Vessel bathroom sink is made of. This hand-hammered vessel sink displays an aged copper surface. It gives an antique yet innovative appearance, perfect for farmhouses, cottages, and rustic-themed bathrooms. It’s also made of 18-gauge copper, which is naturally antibacterial.

However, if it’s aesthetics you’re looking for, then look no further. In eye-catching ice blue, the Anzzi Accent vessel sink makes an attractive centerpiece for your modern bathroom. The Rhino Alloy-certified, tempered deco-glass bowl is highly durable and scratch-resistant, with an easy-to-clean non-porous surface.

Bathroom Innovations for Tiles: New Styles, New Designs

Often, home renovation projects include tiles in all sorts of textures, colors, and shapes. To give your bathroom the modern touch, here are some design suggestions from Tile Club:

2023 is the year of bold and warm colors, so innovative bathroom designs for tiles are shifting away from the neutral tones of the past. Going forward, we’ll see richer palettes of deep reds, blues, and even yellows. Whether adding a pop of color to your interiors or making a statement, vibrant hues on your bathroom tiles will make your space look sophisticated.

On the other hand, wood-look tiles are also in this year. Wood is an exquisite material for flooring, but it’s not ideal for bathrooms due to its unfavorable relationship with moisture. So, to get the aesthetics of wood without the hassle of maintenance and wear-and-tear, wood-look tiles are your friend. With today’s technology, porcelain, marble, and even glass can have wood grain details and the different tinges of various wood textures.

Another design option that continues to trend is the Moroccan theme. Moroccan-inspired tiles and interiors have become particularly popular in recent years. They feature intricate geometrical shapes, color palettes, and patterns that flavor your bath with an eye-catching Moroccan landscape. They make excellent options for your bathroom’s floor and walls.

Luxurious Shower Heads: Relaxing Rainfall Indoors

Self-care should be a priority. And it’s easier to do when you have bathroom innovations like luxury shower heads at your beck and call, so to speak. For these features, CNN has reviewed several shower head brands and highlighted the best one, as well as the runner-ups:

Because of its multi-spray settings and versatility, the Kohler Forte Shower Head is the best one of the brands they reviewed. Incredibly different and equally successful, the three settings include a full-coverage rain shower, the pulsating massage setting, and the super-dense mists of the “silk spray” setting.

In terms of affordability, however, that title goes to the Wassa High-Pressure Shower Head. Its 3-inch wide, ultra-compact form has 45 silicone jets and delivers an intense, high-pressure stream. This results in a perfect combination of massage and rain shower settings.

Another consideration you may have is water conservation. To that end, we recommend the High Sierra Classic Plus. This shower head limits water flow to about 1.5 GPM (gallons per minute) but still manages to deliver a satisfying shower. If you’re serious about sustainability and being environmentally friendly, this is the showerhead for you.

Smart Toilets: Bathroom Innovations from the Future

Some plumbing companies seem to have a foothold in the home improvement industry, providing some innovative bathroom products.

Under this line of Cachet and Revealed toilets, you’ll relish their nighttime toilets. These toilets feature subtle LED lighting inside the toilet bowl, which offers soft illumination during the night. The lighting helps children, seniors, and other occupants on a nighttime bathroom break. The seat uses four AA batteries to exude a low-profile character for up to six months. Budget-conscious consumers love them as they offer an energy-efficient solution.

Good Housekeeping also recommends the Advanced Clean 100 SpaLet Bidet Toilet Bowl from American Standard. This smart, automated toilet features “a heated seat with five temperatures, adjustable water temperature, a warm air dryer, [and an] auto-flush and multiple nozzles for a unique cleansing experience.” It also automatically opens and closes, comes with a deodorizer, and has its own soft lights to guide nighttime users.

It should be noted that you’ll need the help of professional bathroom contractors to install these toilets properly, or else some features may not function properly.

Improve Your Space with These Elegant Bathroom Ideas and Products

The bath is the first room you use when you wake up and return from your daily routines. For this reason, homebuyers are growing more interested in the style and character of the bathroom before making a purchase.

Having the knack to choose bathroom innovations and design ideas enables property owners to create elegant and durable bathrooms. For more information, contact seasoned bathroom remodeling contractors at HelloProject. We’d be glad to help you pick innovative bathroom ideas for your home!

Compare Prices on Your Bathroom Project

Get the best deal by comparing prices with our free quotes today!