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Winter is here! Some of us who live in colder states might be excited about the winter scenery. In contrast, others might dread the significantly colder temperature changes, slippery roads, and the dirty salt-slush mix that comes with it. Whether you like or despise this snowy weather, tracking it onto your bare garage floor can leave some damaging effects. A polyaspartic floor coating is a great way to keep your garage floors protected, clean, and damage-free, especially in the harshest winters. Learn how and what you can do to protect your garage floors and the advantages of having a polyaspartic floor coating, even in winter. 

1. Protect Your Floors from the Ravages of Road Salts 

A polyaspartic floor coating installed before winter gives you the best protection for your garage floor. Even if you decide to wait until the middle of winter to complete your project, you can still save your garage floor from the damage road salts have on your concrete floor.  

Road salt brought into your garage on your vehicles during the winter can leave ugly white salt stains on the floor. Road crews typically use magnesium and calcium chloride, better known as road salts, to de-ice the roads when it snows. Concentrations of calcium chloride can chemically attack bare concrete. The salt, snow, and slush mixture can attach underneath your vehicle and later deposit onto your garage floor, seeping into the concrete. Over time if your concrete is not coated or protected from the elements, it may cause spalling and pitting from these harsh chemicals. The salt can also affect your garage floor’s durability over a long time. Even water, when it hits bare concrete and the floor freezes, can slowly cause damage.   

Adding extra chemicals, such as road salts or chemicals, to your bare concrete can cause issues because they are not part of the natural freezing or melting process the concrete intends to go through.  On the other hand, a durable, weather-resistant coating like Polyaspartic floor coatings will save you damage and stress by acting as a protector for your concrete floor. You must sweep up the salty slush mix to keep your space looking clean and precise. 

2. Winter Quality, Summer Quality – It’s All the Same High-Quality

Yes, we said it! You can have your concrete coated in the wintertime. You can schedule your installations before the Spring/ Summertime. A polyaspartic floor coating in the winter will provide you with the same quality you will receive in warmer weather. Why? The versatility of a polyaspartic floor coating can be installed in lower temperatures.    

A polyaspartic floor coating in the winter provides you with the same flooring quality level as a floor installed in warmer weather. You will still get extremely durable, gorgeous flooring that’s easy to maintain. A floor that also provides the following benefits:     

  • UV- stable topcoat that prevents the floor from fading, yellowing, or ambering over time
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and automotive fluids
  • Exceptional impact and abrasion resistance
  • Able to customize floor with a range of available colors plus custom colors
  • A textured surface provides better traction than epoxy coatings

3. Polyaspartic Floors – Quality that Lasts 

With the proper concrete preparation techniques, a polyaspartic coating can create a bond with the floor and bleed into the concrete effectively, unlike other flooring options that sit on top. It provides a stronger bond between the floor, making it an ideal choice for any floor that receives daily use from heavy foot traffic, moisture, spills, harsh chemicals, heavy machinery, or anything else that might cause wear and tear. Polyaspartic is much more resistant to UV rays and can withstand moisture better than traditional epoxy.

4. Lead Times for Winter Can Be Quicker

In addition, polyaspartic coatings can be applied in colder weather than epoxy coatings, making them ideal for use in climates with colder winters. Many presume they must wait until spring or summer to have their floors coated or repaired. Oftentimes, the lead time to book a garage flooring project can sometimes be shorter in winter.  Are you ready to transform your garage floor with HelloProject?  We can help you find the best quality garage floor coating.  Polyaspartic coatings protect your floors and add style to your exterior space. Fill out our online form today, and we will match you with our professional floor installers near you!

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