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Even though roofs are long-lasting, roofing materials cannot last forever, and as a homeowner, you have to call professional roofers to replace your roofing material at one point in time. This is because the roof’s structural integrity is paramount—not to mention how roofs get the most beat from environmental elements. And by default, different roofs have a limited lifespan. Additionally, new roof installation projects allow homeowners to improve their home’s curb appeal and functionality. Without proper planning and research, you may be unprepared to deal with different situations as your hired roofing contractors work on the roof.

Although new roof installation projects can be an exciting experience for homeowners, they are usually complicated, requiring expert knowledge and thorough preparations. Remember, when roofers remove your old roof, your home becomes a work zone, and a lot can happen as roof installation work continues. It is wise to know what to expect so that you can adequately prepare everything before the arrival of the roofers.

Partnering with professional roofing contractors alleviates any safety risks. But you’ll still be wondering what you should expect and how best you can be ready to ensure that the project unfolds as smoothly as possible. Removing an old roof and installing a new one will require several professional roofers walking on your roof, ripping, tearing, drilling, nailing, and pounding the frames with their hammers. Dust, debris, noise, and pieces of shingles, among other materials, are more likely to fall in the attic space and around the walls during the new roof installation process.

Don’t find yourself in a helpless corner when installing a new roof; here’s a guide to help you know what to expect during and after roofing installation.

A Day Before New Roof Installation Project

Before installing a new roof, it is important to prepare your home. This will help ensure that the roof installation process goes smoothly and that your new roof lasts many years. You must take the following steps a day or two before the roofers arrive:

  • Cover or, if possible, remove valuable items in the attic.
  • Cut grass and use tarps to cover plants around the walls of your house (this makes cleaning up the site faster and more thorough).
  • Remove all valuables, decorations, and fixtures that are not permanently secured in the wall.
  • Move your vehicles to a safe distance and secure garage doors.
  • Ensure that children and pets are at a safe distance away from the working zone.
  • Remove landscaping lights, garden pots, and other outdoor valuables.

new roof installation

Organize Yourself for New New Roof Installation

Before calling professional roofers to come and begin the actual roof replacement work. A homeowner needs to ensure everything is in good order so that the work runs efficiently and seamlessly. Ensure that there are enough garbage containers placed close to the home as possible. You also need to line the ground below the roof with protective materials to prevent damage from accidental drops.

Don’t worry; professional roofers will do all the work. This includes setting up roof jacks with large boards to offer landing platforms for workers and falling shingles. They will also put safety harnesses and straps in place to prevent falling objects because of weak points on the roof.

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Removal of the Old Roofing

new roof installation

Old roof removal is one of the most critical processes of a new roof installation project and requires qualified roofing contractors’ expertise. Depending on the roofing materials, roofing contractors either use a shingle fork or a pry bar. Regardless, there are risks involved at this stage. As such, you must take caution to ensure everything and everyone involved is protected. You should:

Protect Your Belongings Inside and Outside

One thing you need to have at the back of your brain is that roofing works may result in falls and breakages of items. Installing a new roof may cause vibrations in other building parts. That said, taking care of any fragile and valuable items would be best. For instance, you can move valuables in the house to a safe place. Moreover, you need to relocate any other property outside the home, such as cars, boats, exterior furniture, etc.

Expect Noise

Like any other construction, brand-new-roof installation projects produce disturbing noise. Based on the job’s nature, the noise’s loudness may vary. If you or your loved ones are sensitive to loud noises, staying away from home when the roofing contractors are working on the roof installation project is advisable.

There are also a few things you can do to minimize noise when you are replacing your roof. For example, you can ask your contractor to use sound-dampening insulation around the perimeter of your home. This will help reduce the amount of noise that escapes the work area.

Ensure the Kids and Pets Are Safe

Ensure that the kids and your furry Fido(s) are not near the house during the new roof installation project. Falling debris or tools can easily hurt children, and they can get in the work crew’s way, creating safety hazards. The same goes for pets, which may be unable to stay out of the work area if they’re curious. Prevent accidents and keep everyone safe by ensuring no child or pet goes near the renovation area.

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Prepare for Material Delivery

Many of your roofing supplies will be transported to your property by trucks. Large dumpsters must haul debris and old roof shingles to a safe disposal site. That creates high traffic on your driveway. As a result, express your wishes and expectations to prospective roofing contractors. You know your home better, and your instruction ensures safe deliveries and unloading. You may also have to clear your driveway and remove your vehicles, as the roofers will need quick access to the immediate perimeter of your home throughout the roof replacement project.

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Unforeseen Damages  Before New Roof Installation Project

Sometimes, your roofing contractors can commence the new roof installation project only to discover damages in other parts of the house besides the roof. Besides insufficient flashing, rotting wood, and leaking chimneys or vents, water and moisture may have damaged the walls. Such discoveries extend the scope of work and the roof replacement project timeline.

Such discoveries extend the scope of work and the roof replacement project timeline. At this point, your roofing contractor should inform you of the damages as soon as they notice them. From there, you can discuss with them the best approach to remedy the damages.

Don’t Second Guess— Bring in the Pros

If you want a new roof installed, you should hire professional roofing contractors. For one, they have the necessary experience and training to complete the job correctly. For another, they can give you a more accurate expectation for the entire project. They understand what materials to use and how to install them properly. In the long run, this can save you time and money while avoiding potential safety hazards.

They will also be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of the project’s cost. This is critical because you do not want to spend more money than necessary. Unqualified workers may not know how to correctly estimate the cost of materials and labor, which can lead to ‘massive’ surprises when the bill is due.

Professional roofing contractors will offer you a warranty on their work. This means you’ll be covered if something goes wrong. Unqualified workers may refuse to provide any warranty, leaving you stranded if something goes wrong. They will also be able to answer any project-related questions you may have. They can walk you through the process, so there are no surprises. Overall, hiring professional roofing contractors is the best way to ensure the success of your roofing project. They can help you save time, money, and potential headaches in the future.

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